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I have two recurring dreams. One in which my house is falling apart — walls crumbling, ceiling coming down — and one in which I am late for a plane and cannot get through the airport.

Got any?


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  1. I had one last week that made me so, so angry and upset. I had to renew my driver’s license, and I flunked the tests because I COULDN’T KNIT. It sounds hilarious now, but the way it was done was just so unfair. It even had me cleaning out the flood-submerged SUV of the woman who denied me my license because I thought it would get me into her good graces. I was in such a bad mood over that whole dream all morning.
    Can’t say that I’ve ever had recurring dreams. I’ve had recurring elements in dreams that directly relate to whatever job/occupation I have had at the time I’ve dreamt them, but I haven’t had the exact same dream twice. Or maybe I have and I just don’t remember them.

  2. One I have had for many years is suddenly discovering that I have another class, with a final today, but I forgot to go to any of the classes.
    Another is where I am totally lost in the vast reaches of the aircraft maintenance base I used to work at. I can’t figure out how to find the parking lot where I think my car is.

  3. hoppy, I’ve had that didn’t-go-to-class dream many times, and I know lots of people who’ve also been plagued by it. It’s infuriating.
    As for the running late dream, I used to have it all the time, until I realized that I was afraid of being “late.” Late, as in the girly “oh, no, am I late this month?” kind of late. Once I figured that out, I stopped having them.

  4. Foryears after college I would dream that I wasn’t going to be able to graduate because of some trivial bit of paperwork that I neglected to send in. Maybe taking 6 1/2 hears to get through it made me think it shouldn’t have happened even after it did.

  5. A few times I’ve had dreams where the city I live in(Somerville, MA) has no streets or highways, just buildings/houses, backyards, driveways and parking lots.
    Another recurring setting is a waterfront city with boardwalks and big amusement parks. I don’t recognize it as any place I’ve ever been. I just know it’s the most fun place ever.

  6. The dreams about somehow not being finished with school have stopped.
    I still get dreams where I am inside a car with no driver and I somehow have to get to the drivers seat and get control.

  7. Copy editors have their own stable of nightmares. One of my recurring ones involved a story that ran long and I forgot to trim. The next morning, every copy of the paper had the overrun hanging off the bottom of the page in a little strip.

  8. Snarkworth, that’s SUCH a newspaper dream.
    I used to wake from a dead sleep at 2 a.m. SURE that I had fucked something up, and it was the poor copy editors who got my panicked phone calls and had to talk my crackhead ass down. Copy editors are therapists, sometimes.

  9. I had the same dream for years — I was moving into a new home, just your average apartment or house but it was huge in the sense that it was endless. There would be your standard kitchen and front rooms and then there would be bedroom after bedroom, halls stretching on and on, more flights of stairs around a corner. I’d keep opening doors and there would be another room. Sometimes they’d have the previous owner’s belongings, other times they’d be empty.
    After I left the person I was living with, got a new job and basically started a new life, it dawned on me one day that I wasn’t having this dream any more. So make of that what you will.
    I miss the dream, I used to enjoy it!

  10. no reoccurring ones since i grew up. used to have bathroom dreams. of being rudely interrupted or bathrooms w/ privacy issues. now i just have weird colorful dreams IF i remember them.

  11. I’m getting really sick and tired of the one, that comes along two or three times a year, in which the knee-high tornado buzzsaws me across the legs. I’ve had it since childhood. The tornado is white and comes in the (smashed) windows of various buildings … started with my childhood home, later a school or church. Now it shows up at the doctor’s office.

  12. Back when I worked in radio, I’d have recurring dreams about getting to the station, getting handed a pile of random clippings from the wire, notecards with garage sale announcements, cut-up newspaper articles and classifieds, and being told I had a newscast going live in five, four, three, two…
    I often have recurring dreams now about being chased by someone trying to kill me, either some nut with a shotgun or a stereotypical hockey-masked psycho killer…

  13. Variations on a travel dream where I’m driving on impossible roads, hills with vertical slopes, tunnels only a couple of feet wide, roads ending in large bodies of water, city freeways seem familiar but go nowhere, etc…
    No idea what it means.

  14. recurring theme of being in a house, or at a party, or in some multi-layered location and not being able to get out or the people who have brought me there desert me or someone tells me they will give me a ride but I lose them. Along the way, dozens of other characters saying enigmatic things are encountered, sometimes I get caught up in their little orbit and they take me someplace else to show me something.
    I wake up tired.

  15. I’m with Hoppy. With me, it’s always math class. Haven’t been there all semester, final’s coming, I can’t even find my damned LOCKER, and besides I’ve forgotten the combination. I’m 64 years old and I’m still dreaming about high school. I am such a loser. I guess that’s why they hired me to write edits all those years ago.

  16. Lots of college exam dreams where I didn’t go to class and have no idea what the exam is on. (Actually that pretty much sums up my real college career). Anyway, I once dreamed I was in that situation and actually decided to go to registrar and WITHDRAW! Best-Dream-Ever!
    Another more disturbing batch is climbing through a house with many rooms and connecting corridors and stairways some of which I have to squeeze through tight spaces to get through. It just goes up and up and around and around and the squeezing gets tighter and tighter.
    The worst part is these are lucid dreams and I realize I am dreaming and that I have dreamed this dream before so I go in deliberately different directions and generally change things and DAMMIT I still end up in the same place.
    Oh and puppies.

  17. I can’t believe the number of people on here who have variations on the same damn recurring dream I’ve been plagued by for years. I don’t know what it says about this crowd that all of us have nightmares about school…
    I have a horrible recurring nightmare that they’ve somehow revoked my degrees and I have to go back to high school, and in order to get my degrees back, I have to pass some impossible slate of courses in a really short deadline, like I only have one term to do it all in, or else I’ll lose my degrees forever. And so I wind up signed up for things like advanced calculus, physics, the third year level course for some language I don’t speak, and whatever else that I’d have no hope in hell of ever passing, and I walk into class on the first day and I can’t understand what’s going on. In some of the dreams, I’ve lost my schedule and I can’t find any of my classes, and when I go to the office to get another copy, no one’s there. Sometimes I have left my schedule in my locker, but I either can’t find my locker, or I can’t remember my lock combination. In some of the dreams, I’m back living with my parents and trying to catch a bus in to the school, but I keep missing the bus, and so I don’t get to all my classes. In others of the dreams, I realise that there’s some class I’ve been signed up for all term and I haven’t gone to a single one of the classes. The dreams almost inevitably end up with me deciding that the whole thing is an unsalvageable mess and I’m not going to even try. I don’t know what that says aboutme, except maybe that I have a secret defeatist streak or something.

  18. Over and over that I was in imminent peril from a tornado until one day it dawned on me that people spend good money to travel to the midwest to ride around in vans with the words “Storm Chaser” painted on the sides while harboring the hope of glimpsing one from afar.
    That was that and it’s never come back.

  19. When I was in college, I had a recurring, serial dream every night for perhaps three weeks, that I was in some sort of open-air bazaar with a huge number of fabric-covered stalls, wind blowing all these multicolored fabrics and usually obscuring my view of someone stalking me. There was no sense of imminent threat, or great danger, just that I was being inexorably followed by someone I could not see, for reasons I couldn’t determine.
    Had a similar series of dreams two years ago, every night for perhaps two weeks, except that this time I walking down an endless series of city streets and alleys.
    I interpreted these as having some subconscious problem dogging me that I couldn’t articulate to myself, and therefore couldn’t solve.

  20. Ugh. I have horribly vivid dreams of my teeth falling out. Crumbling, ever so slowly, no matter how much I try to keep it from happening. The dream is so vivid I wake up terrified that this time it has happened for real. That’s usually a dream I have when I’m going through a really stressful time.
    I also have a recurring dream that I’m back in the house where I grew up, and I know there are bad guys of some sort heading my way so I run through the house trying to lock all the doors and windows, but there are only weak, half broken chain locks on the doors and I can’t get some of the windows to close, so I keep racing from front door to back door to windows, trying desperately to make sure that they stay closed and locked. The bad guys never actually show up, but I can feel them getting closer and closer and I get more and more desperate.

  21. Racymind, I have the trying to drive from the back seat dream too. I also dream about having a baby or baby animal that I’m supposed to be taking care of and forget. I think they mean the same thing. The driverless car is my life and the unattended infant is me. 🙁

  22. Oskie: Tornadoes for me, too. I’ll try the Storm Chaser idea next dream. Used to be tidal waves when I was a kid.
    paulo: I have dreams like your squeeze scenario, too. Sometimes I’m trying to get to an advisor’s office (which ties into the “return to school” theme). Sometimes I’m trying to climb stairs to an attic. The doorway or opening gets smaller and smaller.
    A recurring theme is that I have to pee and there’s no privacy.
    Returning to high school because I didn’t finish a particular class. I’m wearing my old uniform and everything.
    No particular dream topic, but in the dream I can’t keep my eyes open or I’m unable to walk.
    And last but not least, the dream in which I crash my car again and again because I can’t control it.

  23. MaryRC’s dream reminds me of another oddity: I have lived in 5 houses since being married, but if I have a house related dream it is always about the one in San Francisco, a 100 year old victorian. There are always rooms left to be worked on, rotted areas to be fixed, unusual staircases, etc. No matter what the actual dream content is, the house is still that same one – and I lived there in the 1970’s. Never, that I can recall, have I dreamed of a different house.
    And, I grew up in a tiny town – 300 population – with a 2 block long business district all on one street. When my dreams are set in that town, it is a thriving business district, with heavy traffic, easy to get lost in, people everywhere. The closest that reality ever came to that was on occasional Saturday nights, but my dreams insist that it was a continuous thing. And, the building boom there, in my dreams, is awesome! (The town has no business district at all now.)

  24. Any dream conversation always reminds me of this:
    My ex once had a dream wherein her father popped up from behind a tree and said, in an exaggerated redneck voice, “This here is the symbolic part!”

  25. FeralLiberal, is yours like this?
    I have the same bizarre dream all the time: I’m driving up a tall bridge, like the Sunshine Skyway over Tampa Bay, and as the bridge keeps getting steeper and steeper I keep accelerating to try to get over it. The bridge finally becomes almost fully vertical and my car starts to to tip backwards; at that point I usually wake up in a cold sweat with my hands cramped from gripping the invisible steering wheel.
    I have no idea what it means.

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