7 thoughts on “Deep Nuke Thought

  1. Well, there you go again. Wasn’t it Ronnie who wanted to put them all in space?

  2. Of course, as you well know, it’s not Ronald Reaganper se but the myth of St. Ronnie, slayer of eeeeeevil libruls, patron of the Laffer curve, able to leap mere logic and rational science in a single quip, steely-eyed Commander in Chief of the Grenada invasion (aka the greatest display of military might since D-Day), he who reacted to the Syrian/Iranian sponsored terrorist attack in Berlin by…bombing Libya and showing that punk Ghaddafi just who was boss (too bad about the toddler who learned first hand what “collateral damage” meant)…that they love to talk about. Hagiography.
    I’m surprised there haven’t been demands to exhume the body to note its lack of decay.
    And when will he be credited with the requisite three miracles? Oh wait…Catholic isn’t exactly kosher right now, is it…
    Personally, I think we’re seeing the repetition of history as tragedy AND farce with this particular generation of wingers…

  3. And even though St. Ronnie said we needed to get rid of the nukes, the result of his beligerent negotiations and the fall of the eastern block/Soviet unity led to the transfer of these materials by totally undocumented means to undocumented locations – although it is clear that many of the recipients were not the most savory characters. At a minimum, a lot of criminal and terrorist organizations likely have the materials for a dirty bomb – and some may have both the materials and technology for a good chance at a nuclear explosion.
    OTOH – announced yesterday, Obama’s negotiating style, coupled with an emphasis on the USA doing its part, has led to the Ukraine (the #3 stockpile) vowing to get rid of its enhanced Uranium. I’m still a little confused in that while it is good to get rid of an enhanced enrichment of Uranium, I wonder why they didn’t talk about other fissionable materials.
    However, even with my confusion, Obama resulted in a system that will track the materials – thereby keeping them out of certain unsavory hands. As opposed to the Reagan plan practically delivering nukes to the various unsavory organizations.
    Off Topic – wouldn’t the extreme interpretation of the 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms mean that I can have my own nuke? 😉

  4. You know, if Obama would just announce that he is going to worship at the altar of St. Ronnie, St. Ronnie would be history. If he were to propose a bill to spend a billion bucks on a roadside monument to St. Ronnie, we would have the entire Repub party united against every thing St Ronnie was said to favor. I say that is a bargain at $1,000,000,000.

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