White House Press, Quit Yer Bitchin’


Unlike press secretaries past, who would make rounds of calls to
reporters as they neared deadlines, Gibbs is notoriously tough to get
on the phone. His soliloquies are full of “first and foremost” and “I
will say this,” and he relies on escape-hatch promises to “check and
get back to you.” This month, Gibbs neglected to tell reporters
traveling back from Prague on Air Force One that Justice John Paul
Stevens had announced his retirement and refused to talk to them when
they found out. Last weekend, Obama broke longstanding tradition by
giving the slip to a pool reporter. Later this month, representatives
of various news organizations will meet with Gibbs to express what they
feel is the administration’s contempt for the press.

To which Alex Dering responds:

If Gibbs won’t answer questions FIND
SOMEONE WHO WILL. That’s covered in the fifth class in your first
journalism course in college. Am I seriously to believe that the press
corps can be derailedin toto by one guy wielding a podium?

Can Gibbs also change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, etc.?




6 thoughts on “White House Press, Quit Yer Bitchin’

  1. Nothing much different than during the Bush years… except that Gibbs hasn’t exactly threatened people to
    “watch what they say,” nor has he treated them like stray dogs that need to be shot at to keep them at bay…
    Some really short memories out there in White House Correspondents’ Associationland.

  2. The real complaint that the media has is that Obama is not a Repub wingnut like Bush, has a really too good tan, and is fluent in English. Gibbs is his spokesperson, making him guilty by association.

  3. Remind me how many wars this administration has lied the U.S. into?
    (Unfortunately, it is still has two wars to get out of yet.)

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