Blogs are Like Terrorism


After describing the movement as dangerous Parker then said she wasn’t saying that it was dangerous:

not saying the tea party people are violent or racist or any of
that…I’m not saying that the tea partiers are bad people or dangerous,
I just think we have to be very vigilant…and be extremely careful,
because I do think there is a lot of anger and it could become
something else.”

Schieffer then injected the talking point of the internet as a source of such “danger”:

of this really nasty rhetoric that shows up on the Internet…the only
vehicle to deliver news that has no editor…And that is the added
factor to the volatility of this stuff and where it goes.”

To which Parker replied“It’s,
sort of, like terrorism. You know, we don’t know where to aim our
bombs, so we can’t go after a country because there are — you know,
there’s no one place to focus on it. And it’s the same thing with —
with the Internet. You can’t really — you don’t know who to go after.”

In order of magnitude of bullshit:

1. Cops can trace violent Internet postings all over the place via those things known as IP ADDRESSES. “I am an idiot about the Internet” does not equal “the Internet is utterly lawless.” Please take an afternoon to sit down with your local PD if you are being threatened in any way by some jackhole online.

2. It is also fairly easy to suss out someone’s identity on the Internet as lots of us here are total attention whores. I was sort of careful when I was anonymous, but not really, because a former co-worker read the same blogs I did and once IM’d me with “Are you Athenae?” because something I’d ranted to him about on the way in to work showed up at the Crack Den. Also, again, IP address, and e-mail tracing, and simple fucking Google can often turn up someone’s ID if you spend an afternoon doing amateur detective work Trixie Belden would turn down because it’s too goddamn boring.

3. So far as I know, First Draft has killed exactly nobody.

4. What blogs would Katie like to bomb? Is she taking requests? Can we start with the blogs hosted by fine newspapers which employ her syndicated nonsense? Those are on the Internet.

5. Speaking of terrorism, bombing terrorists is about the stupidest way one can go about fighting them, as we’ve proven conclusively over the last nine years. Generally we miss, and kill moms and kids, which tends to piss dad off, and make him less likely to tell us which of his cheesed-off cousins is holing up with grenade launchers and shit. So before we launch Operation Nerd Herder against the Internet, we may want to think about whether napalm is really necessary, or if the Anonymous Al Qaeda can be lured from their lairs with promises of MILF porn and Coco Puffs.

6. Bob Schieffer is OLD AS FUCK, and in all likelihood his grandkids have convinced him the computer is possessed by the devil.

7. Paper can still deliver news that has no editor, if someone prints and distributes his own paper. The Internet just makes it cheaper, so fuck off. Jesus Goddamn Christ, it is 20Goddamn10, and we are still having this argument about how completely invented constructs don’t apply everywhere? Well no fucking shit, they don’t. What Katie and people like her really mean is that nobody but them should get to contribute to the conversation, which is what they’ve always meant, which is so completely transparent that anybody who mouths this horseshit should be automatically disqualified from talking and put into some kind of Media Time Out.

8. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go hire an editor for this blog. After I stock up on ammo for the midday bombing raids.



13 thoughts on “Blogs are Like Terrorism

  1. People who are not well-grounded and who may have these more violent tendencies suddenly find a place where they can convene and find validation and even find company. And I don’t know where that all leads . . .
    MMORPGs? Hilarious 4chan jokes?
    I’m going to send my editor a bouquet of flowers thanking her for being the only thing between me and an interstate killing spree. By which I mean typos.

  2. 6. Bob Schieffer is OLD AS FUCK, and in all likelihood his grandkids have convinced him the computer is possessed by the devil.
    Just wanted to see that again.

  3. Operation Nerd Herder, huh? Well, I just wiped the dust off my keyboard, so I’m all armed and willing – just sound the bugle.

  4. I am going to object to a pair of things here.
    “6. Bob Schieffer is OLD AS FUCK, and in all likelihood his grandkids have convinced him the computer is possessed by the devil.”
    The assumption here is that because someone is old, they therefore are very likely ignorant of how a computer or the internet work. If the assumption were being made about someone black or Hispanic, or young, would you find it objectionable?
    I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about internet communication protocols. But I know enough to know (I think) that unless the sending device of the message in question is using IPv6 (which is still pretty unlikely in 2010), then the IP address of the sender has probably been ‘spoofed’, maybe more than once, and tracing it back to find the sender involves a whole lot more than just “IP addresses”.
    So, making errors about the internet while ridiculing peoples’ knowledge about computers and the internet…stones…glass houses…

  5. RE: The “news”papers. There are no freaking “news”papers in the United States. None, zip, zero. There are no liberals that own any “news” source.
    Check out what really gets into the “news.” The propaganda machine rolls on.
    Don’t mention Rachel Maddow, she is employed by MSNBC, which is owned by Microsoft and NBC. NBC is owned by General Electric, the largest merchant of death to have ever existed.
    Follow the money.
    When Rachel runs a series on GE, then you may pay attention to her. The rest is just fake, like trolls, you know?

  6. RE:
    6. Yeah, you know what? You’re right. I’m the Asshole of the Day. Seriously, that was unfair and unnecessary on my part. I’m apologize, and I will do my best to make sure it won’t happen again. And thank you for smacking me around about it.
    As for IP traces, I’m not saying it would be easy and that Bucky could do it, just that it’s not precisely like finding someone in the caves of Tora Bora. I know enough about where our visitors are clocking in from (which is what Katie’s talking about, commenters on blogs, not serious Internet criminals) that I could make trouble for somebody. As could anyone, for me, given all the intemperate shit I said on the Interwebs over the years when I was pretending to be anon.
    Hell, the shit I’ve said under my OWN name is bad enough. Fall of 2004 alone …

  7. Robert I actually do know a bunch about Internet communications protocols and about people. There is information you can get about people in simple ways and Athenea mentions three common ones. There are ways to spoof one or more and most people aren’t smart enough to do all of them. Also, with a court order because of a serious death threat you can get some detailed data. Nobody reads their terms and conditions but if they did they would see that their ISP has to turn over stuff to law enforcement if they are told to.
    As someone who maintains a nym I know that my ID can be cracked with some social engineering or a warrent and I worked hard at maintaining my Real ID. I also don’t threaten people.
    What bothers me is that talk of inciting violence is never taken seriously even when it happens. And then when it happens people need to go back to the 60s for some lefty violence resulting in Real injury or death. But with the right we only need to go back a few months.
    There are a few areas where we acknowledge that speech can be limited, even by the government. But in reality if you want to force people to be accountable for inciting violence there are ways you can do it. For example if someone sends a death threat from a work computer you might be able to get them punished because they violated work policies.
    My friends aT got an employee at the USACE fired for their activities at work that violated the USACE’s rules. They used multiple methods by IP addresses was part of it. Also an understanding of the policies of the corps and their Internet policies.
    And I don’t fault scieffer for being old. I fault him for being golfing buddies with wAr criminals.

  8. I did feel a twinge in rib once from laughing while reading a post on First-Draft. Does that count for anything or can I go back to ignoring Kathleen Parker?

  9. gee, evil is evil, what would we have done if you hadn’t come around to enlighten us? Who knew these things of which you speak? You must be the only person in the entire world who has access to this information. Oh thank you for your insight, and for directing us poor mindless sheep with no brains of our own, telling us where and when and how to get our information. Obviously, you are the only one around with a cognitive filter strong enough, principled enough, insightful enough to ferret out reality amongst the tall shadows thrown on us proles by the corporate state. You’re like, a superhero or something…

  10. #6 was really funny (and accurate 99% of the time sorry to tell the truth geezers!) and #9 just made me LOL. Great post!

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