Illiterate Picture Books Sell Very Well

The unending allure of Politico:

Even lazy-ass Jim Newell, who writes comedy for Wonkette, posted his version of the Gregory Craig/Goldman story
a whole 10 hours before the magic Playbook email went out to a
loathsome group of Beltway people who so hate their spouses that they
need to scan Mike Allen’s Best of the Web links before saying “Good
morning” or “Let’s get a divorce.”

There is much to dislike about the Politico and its newsroom culture
of pointless trivia and breathtaking lack of perspective, but
pretending Mike Allen’s dumb email is anything more than links to the
same shit everybody’s already reading is just bizarre.Why is the White House communications director talking to Mike Allen in the night? Is his wifi broken? Is he justlonely?

6 thoughts on “Illiterate Picture Books Sell Very Well

  1. My dad caught the perfect thing in his humane trap yesterday (he was trying to catch a raccoon so he could relocate it away from people). It looked like a skunk, but didn’t smell like one, and only had a wide white stripe horizontally over its eyes like the Monobrow From Hell. Anybody know what that actually is? Name it and claim it!

  2. Interro, it could be a non-striped skunk. They can be different colors, I think.
    Or a weasel. What does your local wildlife authority say?

  3. Can I be defense secretary, can I please? Can I please?
    Love the idea of Oscar the flack since all he says is “Ooooh.”
    Jude should have an ardvark.

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