Deep Smart Phone Thought

I have an iPhone and I really like it. I even know why they call it a smart phone, it does cool things and has swell apps but this smartness (izzat a word?) thing doesn’t translate to its users. I saw a woman crossing Canal Street this morning so engrossed in her smart phone that she didn’t notice the bus bearing down on her until the driver honked. I hate to use a cliche but she got that deer in the headlights look and dropped her phone, which was obviously smarter than her. Smash.

A brief apology for my fleeting appearances at First Draft this week. I am slammed at work and I’ve been obsessing out overTreme atBack Of Town.The show being set 3 months post-K has punched a lot of my buttons and engaged my interest. Speaking of which, I keep finding swell versions ofCareless Love to post. Here’s another one:

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3 thoughts on “Deep Smart Phone Thought

  1. doesn’t have to be a smart phone to encounter such stupids. i had one WITH KIDS + A STROLLER jaywalk in front of my car. I SO wanted to darwin her ass.

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