A Tale of Two Bobos

Story one:

Come 2014, I will continue to use the stockpile of incandescent
bulbs I plan to amass in the coming 4 years – and will gladly pay the
electric bill so I can have the light I prefer to have. Forgive me for
wanting the freedom to have a frigging light bulb of my choosing. I
will continue to drive a gas-guzzling Jeep Wrangler if I have to
hand-build an engine to replace it, because I freaking like to drive
it. I will continue to flush my toilet however many times it takes to
get the job done – and I will continue to take a long hot shower.

The facts are fairly clear – environmental nuts are sticking it to
America and those who indulge their nonsense are living in their own
bubble, while the rest of us focus on the simple truths of freedom,
limited government and wanting Washington the hell out of our backyard.
It is once again a time for choosing, and I choose to fight the
statists – enviro and otherwise. And I will happily fight with Mark by
my side while you, Mr. Manzi, keep talking in circles.

Story two:

“The bill is creating a new protected class of people based on the
fact that they’re not voters, they’re not taxpayers and they live on
the streets,” said Kreegal, who knows that homeless people do not vote
or have to pay sales taxes because he read this on a Republican blog.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter what this Kreegel thinks about this
new legislation, because the House reps who voted for it were more
impressed by a Ft. Lauderdale homeless man’s oppression (being attacked
by teenagers, which was caught on video) than with fake oppression
stories a la Kreegel. Now an identical bill will go to the Senate, and
if it passes then will either go back to the House or Charlie Crist
will sign it in suntan lotion, if he’s feeling liberal that day. And
Paige Kreegel can go back to his favorite hobby, which is scanning the
police blotter for items aboutbums getting the shit beat out of them:

“I like to read the police blotter in my newspaper,” Kreegel said.
“I noticed that there are crimes against the homeless bums there. And
generally, they seem to be perpetrated not by members of the
Legislature or women and children, but mainly by other homeless bums
out there.”

I read these one after the other, and my brain just about
combusted, because of course Asshole Prime up there thinks the only
place for him to make a brave moral stand is on what light bulbs he
buys, what gas his car consumes, and how often he flushes his toilet.
Of course. Because Asshole the Second and millions of people just like
him have for the past 40 years at least been convincing us that there
is absolutely no way we can solve the world’s problems, because
homeless people are assholes and probably on drugs, and besides,
feeding the hungry is expensive, and if you need a doctor you can
always sell some bling.
I mean, there’s too much misery out there, so distance yourself.
Drug addicts took the drugs in the first place, so fuck them. The
homeless probably did something to be homeless. (Confidential to the
doughfaced frat rat I overheard mouthing that crap in a bar last
weekend: When I see you on the corner in a few years after you get
injured at your Five Guys job and your landlord evicts you and the cops
pick you up for that joint I could smell a block away? You will be my
exception to the rule that if I have a buck in my pocket it goes to the
first one who asks for it, you ignorant fuck.) People on welfare are
just scamming the system. Public housing is for failures. We shouldn’t
give people extra assistance for their children; they’ll just go off
the birth control. Whaddayagunnado?

div>In the face of ourobvious inability to do jack shit, what we really ought to do is
kick back, those of us lucky enough to still have a chair to kick back
in, and start aggressively not giving a fucking fuck. We’re gonna argue
about which fast food restaurant is better and if Adam Lambert should
be on TV where little kids might get the idea that eyeliner and a
faux-hawk are good ideas. We’re gonna bitch about our jobs and bitch
about our cars and bitch about our families and we’re gonna live our
lives like nothing matters because really? Nothing does. Everything
that matters is out of our hands.