Friday Catblogging: Cargo Blanket Edition

We have a cargo blanket that was dragged out some wintry day when we brought some plants inside to protect them from a hard freeze. Oscar and Della Street fell in love with it. It’s really warmed up so today may be the day I break their hearts. Strike that, I’ll break Oscar’s heart but Della will be indignant.

Cargo blankie

4 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Cargo Blanket Edition

  1. Three years ago I had one of those flat boxes they give you at Costco, and it was sitting on a cart by the kitchen window, to get to be recycled, when I dropped an old raggedy quilted throw in it to take out.
    Squeak the Cat decided that was the perfect place to sleep. Neither item have been disposed of, as Mr. L carefully wraps “Squeak’s Low Bed” every spring to store it in the garage until the next winter.

  2. oh, my cats sleep everywhere, but i did preserve his baby box. both cats LOVE that box. stays hidden under my desk.

  3. Can anyone explain why cats love to be on blankets; they love to crawl and hide under blankets.
    But heaven forbid you lovingly put a blanket over them, up to their neck (aka like a child in bed) which looks like it should be all nice and comfy.

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