Ken Cuccinelli: What Freedoms?

Wow, what a winner the Virginia AG is. Not content withsuing the government over the unconscionable crime of attempting to insure its citizens — which, after all, any douchebag with a law degree can do — he’s got time on his hands to join the fight against those dastardlystudent journalists:

HARRISONBURG — Virginia Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli said he supports Commonwealth Attorney Marsha Garst’s search ofThe Breeze newsroom for Springfest photos on April 16.

“I support any and all legal means to gather information to build a
case against people who allegedly harmed or intended to harm law
enforcement officers,” Cuccinelli said on Friday in a statement toThe Breeze.

Cuccinelli said in a speech Thursday at Spotswood Country Club he
didn’t believe the raid was a First Amendment issue because it did not
involve news or confidential sources, according to the Daily News-Record.

He acknowledged the legal discussions and said he hoped there would
be a successful resolution that would allow Garst to secure “the
photographic evidence she needs while protecting the First Amendment
concerns of the media.”

And what’s more protection-y than raiding their offices and seizing their pictures? How did it not involve news? What the general fuck?


4 thoughts on “Ken Cuccinelli: What Freedoms?

  1. Cuccinelli said in a speech Thursday at Spotswood Country Club…
    Oh, yeah, this fucker knows his target audience, doesn’t he?

  2. I hope the wingnuts now occupying Virginia’s executive branch will teach Virginians a lesson they won’t soon forget. What an embarrassment.

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