On Immigration: Eat It and Choke

Oh, what the fuck ever:

The other thing Reid did which you may have seen over the weekend is
he’s decided to bump immigration reform ahead of energy/climate change
in the legislative queue. That had the most immediate effect of causing
Sen. Lindsey Graham to throw a hissy fit because he’s been working with
Democrats on the energy bill and wants to see that passed — but more
accurately he sees Reid as giving priority to immigration reform
because that will help Democrats in an election year (including Reid
himself, who’s facing a very tough re-election slog in Nevada). Again
in case you don’t recognize it coming from a Dem, this is called
seizing a political opportunity.

Whine, whine, whine, Lindsey. Have fun trying to make it out like the polar bears are more important than locking brown people up in Arizona. I’m a fan of the polar bears, don’t get me wrong, and I recycle, and we could probably do both bills just fine, butthen there’s this:

Two dozen demonstrators were arrested
outside a federal detention center in Broadview this morning, minutes
after they halted a van of deportees headed toO’Hare International Airport for a flight out of the country.

Officers took the demonstrators into custody, one by one, as the
crowd of supporters cheered and chanted “no deportations today.”

they were escorted to squad cars from Broadview, Maywood and
Westchester, each demonstrator urged Congress and the Obama
administration to deal with immigration reforms.

“There is now a racial reign of terror spreading across the country
and it has to be stopped,” said Joshua Hoyt, director of the Illinois
Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and one of the people

Earlier, about two dozen demonstrators sat in the street outside the
detention center and chanted “Illinois is not Arizona” as they planted
themselves in front of a van carrying undocumented immigrants headed
out of the country.

After about 15 minutes, the van backed up and headed back into the detention center.

Sorry, but blame your pal McCain and his state for jumping the line. Polar bears want to get back on top of the DOEETRIGHTNOW list, they’re gonna have to start venturing into town and eating schoolchildren.

And also, Linds? YOU’RE NOT IN CHARGE. You don’t get to set the agenda, you don’t get to say what happens when, and I’m sorry you’re upset and you can just go out and try to get yourself 10 seats in the Senate and maybe then we’ll all have to listen to you but right now? The only thing holding the Democrats back is the Democrats, and all the Democrats know it, and we’re presently trying to figure out how to let Harry know it plus about eight chickenasses from various states so we can get some shit done despite what Dick Cheney or whoever says on David Gregory Does Dallas about it being mean.

It will surprise no one that I’m with thecrack dealer:

Another way to do things is to propose popular pieces of legislation
and then make the Republicans eat shit every day they fail to pass it,
go send out your charismatic leader to give speeches and hold rallies
in their states, mobilize your massive community of supporters to take
various actions in support of the legislation, etc.

Every day Republicans refuse to vote on Wall Street reform, every day they stay silent in the fact of this psychosis in Arizona, every day they whine in public about how their feelings aremore important than the oceans boiling, is motherfucking Christmas Day for the Democratic Party. Every day. Hang it around their necks, cats and kittens, hang it around their necks and leave it there to rot. Pile the stinking corpses of all they’ve failed to do, all they’ve stood in the way of, all they’ve refused and denied and turned away from right on their doorsteps and let the neighbors suffer the stench until they demand eviction. And then follow them to the next place they move and do it again.

Over and over and over and over, until they get it or get out of the way.


8 thoughts on “On Immigration: Eat It and Choke

  1. “Again in case you don’t recognize it coming from a Dem, this is called seizing a political opportunity.”
    Thanks for the morning laugh. Much needed.

  2. When Stephen Hawking’s colonializing aliens arrive, I want Athenae to be the one that greets them and lays down the rules of engagement. That is all.

  3. Indeed. Force them to vote against the “Be Nice To Children, The Elderly & Animals” bill. Turn them into the party of dog-kickers. They’ll still have Toby Petzold’s vote, but who cares? : )

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