Prime Ministerial Pizzas?

I’m still on the 2010 UK general election beat; no, make that offbeat. This story is odd in a deeply silly way. As a publicity stunt, a British pizza chain created what could loosely be called Prime Ministerial pies. The combinations described bythe Telegraph sound downright weird as opposed to yummy:

Following a YouGov poll into what we think our leaders are made of,
PizzaExpress has created pizza portraits of the leaders of the three
main political parties. The pizzas contain the following ingredients:
David Cameron: cheese (cheesy), rocket (posh), broccoli (healthy) and
asparagus (environmental). Nick Clegg: mustard (keen), tomato (fresh),
spicy sausage (passionate) and peas (pacifist). Gordon Brown: chili
(fiery, hot tempered), tuna (clever), ground beef (untidy and a bit
chunky) and spinach (strong)

Holy flavor profile, Batman. Tuna on a pizza? Yikes. Here they are:



9 thoughts on “Prime Ministerial Pizzas?

  1. I go with the “weird” adjective.
    Can’t imagine eating these taste combinations.

  2. The Brits seem to have as much flair for combining ingredients as the Japanese do for designing plaids.
    (Anybody who’s ever seen a Japanese plaid blazer will know exactly what I mean here.)

  3. mmmmm… mustard and spicy sausage! he’s got my vote! (I can’t actually vote in the UK… but I can buy the pizza).

  4. Finda da PM in da pizza contest!
    (all apologies to Father Guido Sarducci)

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