‘Say a Prayer to Your God’


As discussion began, Redman called Ahmed to the podium and
asked him to “say a prayer to your God.” The comment elicited a
negative reaction from the audience and from Deputy General Counsel
Cindy Laquidara, who rushed to the microphone to ask to speak with
Redman privately.

After a moment of confusion,
Redman said he wouldn’t ask Ahmed to pray but instead if the council’s
opening prayer offended him. When Ahmed asked Redman why that was
relevant, and that people had a right to pray to whomever they please,
Redman said Ahmed would be offended by a prayer to Jesus, and therefore
was not suitable to serve on the commission.

The world is full of stupid assholes. I seriously … I’m gonna go watch the kitty video twelve or thirteen more times.


11 thoughts on “‘Say a Prayer to Your God’

  1. So exactlywhy are they praying in a city council meeting anyway?
    Talk about a waste of taxpayer dollars; I ain’t paying you to pray, I’m paying you to run the city.

  2. What Interrobang said. Between presuming his god was superior to Ahmed’s, presuming Ahmed would be insulted by a prayer to Jesus (and that this disqualified Ahmed from city service!), and needing a prayer at a frickin’ City Council meeting, one has to wonder if Redman has any interest in, y’know, the business of the City of Jacksonville.

  3. I find it interesting that so many Christians agree that there are many “Gods”, only one of whom they worship. Has anyone wondered what happens to us when all of those Gods declare war on each other? Would we innocent bystanders be endangered? Would one of the Gods use the nuclear option? Would the winner require all of us to switch over and worship her? I may not be able to sleep again without answers. Oh “God”, whomever you are, I just realized, my TV will show nothing but that war until it ends.

  4. Hoppy – I think the result would be similar to Greek, Roman, or Teutonic mythology.
    I am shocked that in the article this is a panel of 20 people and still some commissioners said the Muslim would be a distraction.
    I’m trying to remember the city where the Orthodox Priest was assaulted as being a terrorist (and if the stupid is contagious).
    It also sounds like a possible setup. Going from that article, Redman pressed the point – Ahmed didn’t ask to pray. Yet when Ahmed seems to have taken a very laid back approach why would I be offended that you pray?), Redman presented that as evidence that Ahmed would be offended.

  5. I just studied my Roosevelt dime. It says “in God we trust”. I’m even more confused now – to which God is this referring? What if I trust the Green God, but I’m supposed to trust the Red one? What if the one referred to isn’t the one the majority of us trust? And, most confusing of all, what are “we” trusting the God to do?

  6. The answer is very simple: America is a Cristian nation (therefore, against Jews, and everyone else). Jut ask Pat Robertson.

  7. Eliminate religion and gain peace. I am tired of being told I am going to hell, that America is a “Christian” nation, that any race except white is unnatural and evil, etc. All hatred begins from the church podiums, and is spewed week after week after week.. yet churches are tax-exempt!

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