3 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Classic Oscar

  1. Nice picture.
    Tigger recently had a similar interactive experience, also with a Whole Paycheck bag…but one holding a fair number of wine corks (I’m convinced they can be reused for something)…anyway, several seconds of pure anarchy was followed by several minutes of cleanup…and new bag, and a new cat-proof location.
    Note: I’ve tried to use a cork or two as cat toys, but he loses interest pretty quickly…

  2. Michael, I know the local big liquor purveyor in Houston has a ‘corks for cancer’ program where they donate $ for each cork you bring in. I am accumulating my stash to turn in. 🙂 May check your local liquor store for such a program. 🙂

  3. yeah, no idea why corks are not good cat toys. i compost mine, but BUT, i did use a cork instead of the knob sent with the JCPenny assembly required ‘wood’ trash box. works great.

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