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Excluding your regular expenses like food/shelter, where does the majority of your money go?

I’d have to say for Mr. A and I it’s a toss-up between our various causes, books and the pets, including medical care as well as spoiling them rotten and, you know, feeding them.


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  1. Jude says:

    Women and intoxicants.
    But you knew that already.

  2. BlakNo1 says:


  3. pansypoo says:

    it used to be music/yarn. yeah. vitamins. and music. estate sales make you cheap.

  4. leinie (iPad) says:

    Books-and was Mr. L happy when electronic ones came along and helped to mitigate the storage issue- and counted cross stitch supplies.
    I budget a bunch every month to support the cats, but consider that part of my food and shelter cuz they are part of the family.
    I also spend more on cell phones than I probably should but I love that little iPhone.
    I’ll go through spurts with music, not buying for a long time, and then buying a bunch.
    Then there is the Three Peckered Billy Goat coffee, which is food but rises to be a luxury. Nom.

  5. liprap says:

    The little guy in my life. Eating out a good bit, as we’re in New Orleans. Books, loads of them, and music. Allotments for at least one family road trip a year. My dog and cat. Some cross-stitch supplies.
    We should probably start to get somethinggoing for our desperately-in-need-of-redoing kitchen and bathrooms, but as long as they’re still working, we’ll be putting that off.

  6. Without a doubt, veterinary care/pet expenses and concert tickets.

  7. BlakNo1 says:

    I just scored a settlement from Green Cab’s ins co for being hit while on my bike. Most of it will go toward new PCs and a rack of Cisco equipment to keep my skillz fresh so i can continue to pay those nasty billz. I’ll also be taking select friends out for exorbitant dinners too. Who wants to go? : )
    But yeah, chronic, clothes, concerts etc.

  8. hoppy says:

    Car insurance, medical insurance, my wife’s church and her other maintenance items.

  9. .. oh yeah and travel. And we just redid our house, so last year there was less travel but major home improvement debt. And of course money to charities.
    Not so much clothes anymore. Being self employed will do that to you. Sometimes I’m appalled when I realize what I’ve schlepped to the grocery store wearing. I look like a bag lady half the time.

  10. BlakNo1 says:

    I still owe almost $600 for a cat that passed on 1 1/2 years ago.

  11. virgotex says:

    Right now, a disproportionate amount still going to debt retirement (old credit card debt) but I’ll be through with all but one in 12 months time, and then things will be more manageable.
    In the big scheme of things, my must-have entertainment is really not that much: cable, e-music subscription, and an Audible subscription keeps me happy and it’s far less than most people spend on entertainment. And I’d be nuts if I didn’t have it.

  12. Gifts to those I love and then: booze, books, music, plants for the garden.

  13. foogoo says:

    Would you say your car is a regular expense? If not, that’s it. If it is, then it would probably be eating in restaurants instead of home.

  14. CybScryb says:

    Books, music, bits of technology and food for two mastiffs, three cats and the Dorian Gray of parakeets. The older she gets, the younger she looks and acts. Somewhere there’s a potrait of naked, haggard old bird. Just blew a couple of hundred bucks making sure we got the Reverse Osmosis water system repaired to the cats and dogs don’t have to drink tap water. They probably wouldn’t care, but we haven’t had to visit the vet for kidney problems since we switched everyone over. The saved money paid for the RO system plus lots of books, music and fabric for Mrs. CybScryb, the original off kilter quilter.

  15. PurpleGirl says:

    It used to be books and clothes, then it became beads and beading supplies. I returned to crocheting and it became yarn and patterns.

  16. racymind says:

    Gadgets and poodle maintenance… wine. All the on-demand TV I want. Yard maintenance.

  17. Right now we’re supporting my adult daughter. Half of my salary goes to that.
    On a brighter note, we’re blessed to live in a city with great restaurants so we eat out a lot. I also spend money on guitars, amps, harmonicas, ukes and all the other effluvia of music.Oh, and vodka. Those are the good things.
    The bad things include gas so I can commute to work so I can afford all the other things..

  18. abo gato says:

    mostly to our 19 year old college student son. If we hadn’t had a kid, we’d be rich! or at least we’d travel more. once he gets done, we’ll maybe be able to retire.

  19. jawbone says:

    Health insurance is my largest single expense — $1200 a month. And that’s bcz I’ve gone to higher and higher co-pays, deductibles. Always had 50% co-pay on prescriptions, and I really canNOT afford to be hospitalized.
    But only 273 days until Medicare!

  20. FeralLiberal says:

    The FeralFarm

  21. dancinfool says:

    Cat food and cat toys.

  22. evil is evil says:

    Oh, just piss it away on people who need help, like the American woman in Central America who had to have cancer surgery, give the kids in the local orphanage computers, maybe pay for an operation, drop a couple of dollars in the lepers’ begging cups, buy a hospital three months supply of morphine for the burned children’s ward, send a blogger who needs help with the mortgage payment a couple of dollars, give a person in a boring 12 hour day job some extra money to “have a good meal on me” or pay the cabby twice the fare just to give them a jolt.
    It just seems to go.
    I’ll never be the richest guy in the graveyard.

  23. daryljfontaine says:

    Paying down the debts of my misspent youth, at a much accelerated rate.
    Then, the cats.

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