Malakas Of The Week: The Louisiana House Of Representatives

I could do this every week the Louisiana Lege is in session but this is malakatudinous even for them. Some bozo namedRep. Henry Burns sponsored a bill allowing guns in places of worship if the pastor, priest, rabbi, mullah or wiccan officiant approves. There’s no evidence that anyone affected, or even the NRA, were clamoring for this measure but Mr. Burns wants them to feel safe and the only way to feel safe in the Deep South is to have armed guards.

This is not theonly foolish thing the lege had taken up recently but it’s an excellent example of pure malakatude; especially since the bill passed 74-18. It’s likely to be signed into law by Governor PBJ despite the lack of demand for such a measure. Here’s my favorite quote in support of the bill:

“This bill is very permissive,” said Rep. Ernest Wooton, R-Belle
Chasse, a backer of the bill. “I want to see in the Bible where it says
you can’t bring a gun to church.”

I bet it’s not in there either Ernest. I don’t think there were pistols back then; either that or Mark, Luke and that lot were anti-gun and thereby soft on crime. I don’t think Moses or Jesus packed a rod for that matter. Damn prince of peace…


12 thoughts on “Malakas Of The Week: The Louisiana House Of Representatives

  1. The incongruity. On one side the gun folk talk about how their rights are being taken away.
    On the other side, It has been around 200 years since the bill of rights was added. In that 200 years we have done just fine without adding a special law to allow packing heat in church. In that 200 years we haven’t added a special law to allow packing heat in church. Not to mention we haven’t had to add laws allowing taking guns into bars.
    In short, it looks to me like rather than taking away 2nd amendment rights, we’re demanding an unprecedented enlargement of 2nd amendment rights to the absurd extreme.

  2. Ah, the clown car that is the State Capitol. Another reason not to go to church. Of course, they tried and failed — AGAIN — to pass a state law banning underwear exposure, so you know they’re on the ball and working on the important stuff when they’re not swilling lobbyist booze at Ruth’s Chris. With these asshats, Diaper Dave, B.P. Love Child Mary Landreau, and our failed presidential candidate gov, we’re screwed.
    Riddle me this: If the oil/gas/chem industries are so great for us in Louisiana, why is is this state consistently among the poorest and least educated in the U.S.?

  3. Of course Moses carried a rod. You know, throw it down to make a snake, turn the Nile to blood, strike a rock and water comes out.
    The Bible’s all about rods.
    I mean, “Thy rod and thy staff comfort me.”
    Or was that the tag line for that gay porno company?
    For the record: The Bible also doesn’t prohibit you from smoking a fat spliff in church. So that’s okay too, right?

  4. Jude, your comment led me to a quick search of my Bible. I find nothing saying I can’t attend services wearing my birth suit. I plan to test my interpretation in just two days.

  5. It’s still illegal to carry a weapon in a bar here in Louisiana, so I know where I’ll be attending “services.”

  6. mass,
    Sure that was a rhetorical question about the oil/chem business in LA. But I’ll still bite.
    I’m sure a lot on how you define “us.”
    Like DeepThroat said in the Watergate years, Follow the Money.

  7. Well the bible doesn’t say be the biggest freaking moron you can be either but today’s conservatives have not noticed that yet.

  8. My husband recently got a call from the NRA asking him if he’d like to be a member. When he said no, they asked for a contribution, anyhow. Uhhh, still no. Not. Interested.
    Much as some people out there might like to enact the Meir Kahane maxim of “every Jew a .22” concerning our synagogues and community centers, carrying a weapon into a shul to supplement our prayers just ain’t what we’re about.
    And besides, the most memorable time Moses got REALLY pissed, it was at his own people for being so impatient as to decide to worship a gold calf of their own making. Like a gun would have helped THAT situation…

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