The War’s Never Over

Laid to rest at home:

Glenn Elliott, Mike’s lone surviving sibling, was glad to see so
many people out to honor the brother he barely knew. He was in grade
school when the telegram came informing his parents of Mike’s death.
don’t actually remember talking to Mike when he was home on leave
before he went overseas,” the silver-haired kid brother said Tuesday

Elliott came to Mattoon at age 8 with his family from
Kentucky, where he was born. The Elliott family lived on North Fourth
Street in Mattoon and Mike went to school with his brothers and
sisters. Records show he was of slight build, weighing 128 pounds.

America’s entry into the war, Elliott enlisted at Camp Grant and went
into the Army Air Corps before his assignment to the Mediterranean.
That fatal flight claim his life and the lives of First Lt. Ray F.
Fletcher, Capt. Lewis J. Gerrings, Pvt. Richard H. Loring and Red Cross
nurse Carolyn Chapin. Military data indicates the bomber was on a mail
run and Chapin was en route to assignment for the Red Cross.

Champion said the risk of a crash was always there for aviators, but they tried to block it out.

“When you were on a flight you didn’t think about it,” he recalled. “It was just a job to do. Whatever happened, happened.”