In Case Anyone’s Unclear on Why Journalism’s Imploding

Look no further than this.

Good God. We can’t quote people who are outraged! What if they say mean things, like, “this is a monstrous and unconstitutional thing that should not even be considered in a free society” and we have nobody on the other side to talk about Jack Bauer so as to balance reasonable anger with, you know, some crazy? What if they’re upset and thus, you know, uncouth? What if theyraise their voices? Dear Lord.

The last decade has accelerated the decline of newspapers in no small part because they failed absolutely to take a stand on any of the major moral issues of our time. Yes, corporate ownership, and yes, marketing and distribution, but also this ongoing campaign to marginalize anyone with a stake in the outcome of anything, as though there is a Pulitzer Prize in bloodlessness.


4 thoughts on “In Case Anyone’s Unclear on Why Journalism’s Imploding

  1. You know why journalism is on the crash and burn path? Because ofthis, too. Bland cardboard that passes for content, and heaven forbid we link to their stuff and give them page views. Cavemen, indeed.

  2. …the decline of newspapers … because they failed absolutely to take a stand on any of the major moral issues of our time.
    Well put. I think of the elections where the “news” is a limo drives to the front door. The candidate gets out of the limo and walks inside. (Let’s face it, both Obama and McCain both got that walking thing down when they were 2 years old.)
    But what is important (and why should I care to read a newspaper if it doesn’t give me anything important)? Yet absolutely not even a quote from the candidate, much less an analysis of whether the statement holds water or not. Those are the things that would make me think watching the news or reading the paper are important.

  3. The average American has all of the courage of a frightened kitten. We seem to have no problem at all if the government uses our fear of terrorism to do whatever the current administration wants to do, as long as they claim it will make us “safer”. We would rather see a thousand fellow citizens killed or incarcerated indefinitely by the government, than think our risk of experiencing a terrorist attack is even 1% higher. If this generation were faced with Hitler and Imperial Japan, they would simply hide under their beds.
    I don’t blame the press, although they certainly do nothing to correct this weakness. Those to blame are our fellow citizens. Ask the man on the street about the Bill of Rights and the chances are he will only be concerned about his right to tote a gun. How did we get so weak?

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