Making the Freepi Look Good

Comments on the Miss USA pageant, which was won by Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih, who was born in Lebanon:

Why didn’t they ask her a real question like should they build a mosque
across the street from ground zero or if she supported Hezbollah or has
she ever had fantasies about Jewish men?

This should give the Muslim Terrorists something else to hate us
for…a Muslim girl running around in bikinis rather than that stupid
black sheet.

Did she immediately blow herself up after they put the crown on her?

Instead of the tiarra they should have given her a gem encrusted
turbin!!! Where does she hide the explosives in that outfit?????

Wow. Guess you don’t have to be born in America for Miss USA? Awesome.
We are so worried about being PC that we aren’t even embracing what it
means to be an American anymore.

I’m suprised a Mexican broad didn’t win. Wouldn’t that be fitting in
this country today? A dirty little Mexican winning Miss America? This
chic that won,her family is both Catholic and Muslim? Now THERE’S a
nice dinner conversation!

it’s so wrong! How dare she to participate in this contest?? Lets her
to Miss Terrorist – 2010! :)) Miss America is not about American ladies

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to soak in the erudite conversation going on at The Corner to cleanse my mind.


12 thoughts on “Making the Freepi Look Good

  1. These are the same stupid fuckers who squeal “Gawd Bless Amurkah!” Why the hell would He?

  2. One thing today’s conservatives do really really well is highlight daily just what huge assholes they really are.

  3. I’m sure that for at least some of the commenters there’s a heavy dose of “she reminds me of every cute girl I’ve ever been too flummoxed to approach” hostility as well. Some guys are forever looking for an excuse to letthat demon get a little exercise as well.

  4. Dan,
    I’ll freely admit, if you go only by looks, she’s definitely not someone I’d have a chance of getting even a pity date with.

  5. MapleStreet, I was not referring to commenters at First Draft, all of whom are fantastically attractive.

  6. Dan: Have you actually seen pictures of this woman? Give up, man. Even WE are not worthy.

  7. I kind of feel sorry for them. They’re scared. Now that makes them dangerous, too, but they are really just scared. They’re the teabagger characters, you see. They want “they’re” America, where Miss USA and Miss America and the Supreme Court and the Congress and the President are always white and male and that’s what they think is right. The President doesn’t look like them and now Miss USA doesn’t look like anyone they know or anyone in their family (doesn’t look like anyone in my family either, unfortunately, because that woman is SMOKIN’ hot) and they’re scared because it is all slipping out of the control of people who look like them. They’re kind of pathetic and it’s sad.

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