Good Riddance, Arlen

I couldn’t stand Arlen Specter as a Republican and didn’t care for him as a Democrat either. He’s an asshole through and through and I’m glad that Admiral Sestak made him walk the plank or did he tie him to the yardarm? As a confirmed landlubber, I get my nautical terms mixed up rather easily and I don’t really know what the hell a yardarm is…

The moral of Specter’s defeat is that opportunism is like a mushroom and should be kept in a dark place and not exposed to the sunlight. That could be the ultimate root of Specter’s truffle.<rim shot>

9 thoughts on “Good Riddance, Arlen

  1. montag says:

    I’ve taken to calling him Arlen “I talk a lot” Specter.
    This guy’s been long on talk and short of staying on point for a long, long time, and there have been no tears shed here at the thought of him bruised and limping back to PA (although, right now, I’d put money on him going the greedy lobbyist route).

  2. wolfetone says:

    While Spector’s certainly no progressive, he was always pretty good on workers’ rights issues.

  3. Jude says:

    Sweet jeebus. You landlubbers.
    A yardarm is the very end of a yard, which is (usually) the horizontal spar attached to a mast. The yard is what you attach the sails to. The outer end, the yardarm, was used for nautical hangings. So you don’t tie someone to a yardarm–you hang him from it.
    Which, really, if you gotta be executed at sea, beats keel-hauling.

  4. BlakNo1 says:

    At least he didn’t pull a “Lieberman”.

  5. Athenae says:

    Lieutenant Dave Spradling: We were supposed to meet in your office 15 minutes ago to talk about the McDermont case. You’re stalling on this one. We get this done right now, or I mean it, Kaffee, I’m going to hang your boy from a fuckin’ yardarm!
    Kaffee: Yardarm? Sherby, does the Navy still hang people from Yardarms?
    Lt. Sherby: I don’t think so.
    Kaffee: Dave, Sherby doesn’t think the Navy hangs people yardarms anymore.

  6. Adrastos says:

    I actually know what a yardarm is but decided to play straight man. Good ‘un, Jude.

  7. Jude says:

    Yeah. Every once in a while I fuck up and call the floor a “deck” or a post a “stanchion” or the ceiling an “overhead.” I get some odd looks.
    People in Wisconsin usually don’t understand much about oceanic things.

  8. Ed says:


  9. pansypoo says:

    anita hill. clarence. long time for kharma. pray toomey doesn’t win.

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