Deep Hoops Thought

The Orlando Magic are on the verge of proving
one of my favorite hoops adages to be correct. No team with Vince
Carter will ever win a championship. Vince is a dog and a selfish dog
at that.

There were two classic
Vince Carter moments in the game. The first came when he fell to the
ground and acted as if he were at death’s door before getting up and
“shaking it off. And some people think that Steve Zahn is a ham. The
second was when Carter missed two free throws with the game on the
line. That was vintage Vince.

5 thoughts on “Deep Hoops Thought

  1. Amen, brother. I remember there being talk about signing Vince with the Cavs during one of the offseasons recently when Dan Gilbert was buying stuff.
    All I could think was “Dear God, we’re having a hard enough time winning a championship without giving ourselves cancer.”
    Bill Simmons was right on this one: When Vince goes down the lane, crunch him once and he’ll go back into “Vince doesn’t give a shit” mode and die on the team. I wish we’d gotten the Magic in Round 2.

  2. Adrastos, why do you change the color of the blog’s standard font so often? Is it an attention getting thing?
    Just my own subjective opinion but I find it irritating and it looks like crap on the page. If you are absolutely compelled to change it, can you at least make it the same red or blue from the blog’s stylesheet?

  3. People seem to have a hard time accepting that the Celtics are a very good team, with just enough weapons to be able to rise to most occasions. I doubt that they will beat the Lakers, given that the Lakers have a near perfect collection of players to fit Phil Jackson’s coaching methods. But, I have had little doubt that they will beat Orlando, probably in 6 games, but that could become 4 games if Orlando tanks after the first two.
    Vince Carter is a very good player, but needs a coach with the ability to handle him. He doesn’t have that coach now.

  4. Vince is a good individual player but he’s a loser. The Nets went right down the terlet when he joined them as allegedly the last piece in the championship puzzle.
    This Celtics team reminds me of the ones at the end of Bill Russell’s run. They’d be good in the regular season and explode during the playoffs. The Lakers have gotta be the favorites but Boston has a shot.

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