Reaching for a First

The Atlantic:

In any event, Sarah Palin has today called out Amb. Huntsman in aTweet,
which marks the first time, I believe, that Palin has referenced a
fellow Republican and potential presidential aspirant in a provocative

Okay, that’s just stretching for a news peg. You know what I mean. Agent Fuckifino as been talking for days, nonstop, there’s nothing new there, but you have a hole to fill, so you come up with something like this:

“This marks the first time Agent Fuckifino has spoken in Latin on the fourth Tuesday of the month during a waxing moon,” which clearly makes his utterance newsworthy and so I can fill ten inches with background and slap that lead on it. The hell? 

I am starting to think we don’t so much have a journalism crisis as we have a editor crisis in which nobody sits reporters down anymore and goes, “Honey, NO.” 

I don’t always have stuff I want to post about, but that’s usually when I stick kitten videos up here.


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