Another Hypocrite Bites The Dust

I’d never heard of Rep. Mark Souder (R-Indiana) until I took a look atTPM this morning. He’s an abstinence advocate who just resigned over an affair with a staffer. Oops. It turns out that Souder and his chick on the side recorded a pro-abstinence video together with her pretending to be an interviewer. Double oops.

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11 thoughts on “Another Hypocrite Bites The Dust

  1. How in the name of Jesus H Christ does a guy like who looks like that manage to get laid?

  2. I’m sure the Republicans are just happy that it was a vanilla heterosexual affair.
    I mean, if you were taking bets, you would’ve guessed gay BDSM affair, right?

  3. Ha, he was for teaching kids abstinence and he had sex.
    It’s like my mom giving me a whooping for taking one of her cigarettes when I was 6… she got to smoke, why couldn’t I?
    She said some bull about kids and adults having different rules; but that’s nonsense. Otherwise teaching kids abstinence wouldn’t directly apply to Souter himself (I’m guessing he’s over 18)… right?
    Oh wait, this is where there are different rules for Republicans and Democrats isn’t it? I love it when we do this… it’s so fun to claim hypocrisy on the part of others by applying a double standard ourselves.

  4. Yes, a hypocrite. Like someone who harped on the Republicans about civil liberties for 10 years and then… said nothing when Democrats did the same things and worse. That kind of hypocrite?
    Petty Partisan BS. None of you give a shit about hypocrisy. You just hate Republicans. It’s not even ideological at this point, or you wouldn’t like Democrats either. You’re just full of shit.

  5. So the trolls are arguing that it’s not at all hypocritical for someone to make his political bones arguing that people should remain abstinent until married, and then get caught having sex with someone who is much younger and unmarried–not to mention not, technically, his spouse.
    Meh. Better trolls, plz.

  6. Actually, if I can speak for soullite, I believe the point was that there has been insufficient attention given to the Obama administration’s failure to dismantle the torture regime and its acceptance and seeming expansion of the Bush-era assassination program.
    Now, you can argue about whether or not blog writers have a responsibility to live up to reader/commenter standards of what the writers’ blogs should be. But you can’t say that our long-time commenter here wasn’t at all stating that Rep. Souder isn’t hypocritical. The comment was castigating us, as authors, for not hewing to his or her standards of intellectual consistency.
    Me, I’m here for the dick jokes and funny captions. I’m pretty true to my vision.

  7. Let’s see if i can put repub spin on this:
    Have you considered that the Souder probably didn’t have abstinence education in school? So that is why he and his staffer did it? So that is a perfect example of why we MUST teach abstinence !
    – – – —
    Slightly off topic: Have you seen the news item that Bristol Palin is gonna get 15 to 30 K a shot to give talks on how hard it is to make it financially as a single mom?
    Now how many single moms out there were set up by a VP candidate as a political consulting firm, get 30K a pop for talking, and have all sorts of extra time to fly around the country giving talks?
    And how many single moms out there want to strangle her for saying that HER life is difficult??!!

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