Fisherman’s Blues

The potential long range effects of the Gulf of Mexico oil gusher look increasingly bad. My primary concern is for the critters who are being soiled and killed by the oil *and* with the people who make their living from the sea. BP can fuck themselves: all we want from them is money and technology to minimize the damage they have wrought. I’d like to see them regulated and sued out of business but that’s less likely to happen, alas. Oil companies are like the giantOctopus Squid inTwenty Thousand Leagues Beneath The Sea: you can only cut off one tentacle at a time. I would, however, like to lock the suits and flacks at BP in a room with Captain Nemo. Madmen have their uses at moments like these; even fictional ones…

My friend and fellow NOLA blogger Oyster has been all over this story atYour Right Hand Thief.Today’s YRHT post is of particular interest for itsOyster embed of Sunday’s remarkable story from Sixty Minutes.

The only embedding I feel like doing right now is a live performance of Mike Scott’s tune Fisherman’s Blues by his remarkable band, the Waterboys featuring the stellar fiddling of Steve Wickham:

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2 thoughts on “Fisherman’s Blues

  1. Umm, it was a giant squid.
    And, Nemo wasn’t exactly a natural crazy (although, certainly, he might have been driven crazy). He was a techno-anarchist waging war against colonial powers that killed and used slave labor for profit.
    But, yeah, it would be fun to see what he’d do with BP’s management. Hopefully, more than just make them eat pudding of unborn octopi.

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