Blog for Birds Day 2: We Have Pelican!

Pelican In two days we hit more than $200 for the International Bird Rescue Center, which is taking care of injured, oil-covered wildlife on the Gulf coast.I had hoped we could do that by the end of theweek. Thank you to all who’ve contributed so far, and linked, and sent good thoughts the Center’s way.

We can officially adopt a Pelican. While I’m thrilled, and I plan on asking them to make out the adoption papers to The Internet, I’d like to see if we can’t get to Pelican Partner level. That’s $500, or more than twice what we’ve already raised, butlook at this.

That’s what the wildlife rehabbers and all the other volunteers down there are seeing right now. So let’s do something to help.Hit up the tip jar and put “birds” in the comments. Let’s help out, one bird at a time.

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15 thoughts on “Blog for Birds Day 2: We Have Pelican!

  1. We can do anything you want.
    You know what I dig about the people who read this blog? You do stuff. Other people sit around, piss and moan, shrug and give up as the ship sinks. And oh, boy, is it sinking, but you guys all say fuck the inevitable, I’mma pick up a bucket and start bailing out the water. You fucking rock so hard.

  2. You probably already figured this out, but there will likely be some more donations at the end of this week, as it’s the end of the month/payday for some of us.

  3. Two Pelicans: Big Chief Lambreaux and FYYFF, both officially adopted by The Internet.
    These bird folks are gonna be like, “Okay, we’re bird people, but these people are WEIRD.” 🙂

  4. If we get to adopt a third one, I vote to name it Spawn d’Antoine.

  5. I second Spawn d’Antoine. My first thought as far as bird names go was LaDonna. Got to honor the storied survivors and fighters.

  6. Damn that picture is sickening. If I thought it would help, I would be heading down there with some rubber gloves and a truckload of Dawn detergent…honestly I try not to think about this much because it really makes me despair. Thanks for giving us something positive to do here.

  7. I third Virgo’s idea. There must definitely be a Scout in the lot. Just call it Chief Lambreaux’s PRIME Spy Boy. 😉

  8. Hey, this is great thank you so much!
    Can y’all forward a suggestion to these folks of Capturing and Moving as many as we can?
    Get our friends the hell away from there?
    If this has been discussed please hip email to where.
    We need to capture our birds, eggs, nest and all and move them to someplace safer. That’s all we sayin’yeah.
    It’s just an idea. What have we got to loose but all our friends.
    We got you hangin 5X5 on da’Ladda.
    Thanks Youz!

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