The Political Moniker of the Week…

…belongs to the winner of the GOP primary for Treasurer in Alabama:


That’s obviously a winning name in the Gret Stet of Louisiana but I’m surprised by the Bama voters.Voting for a Boozer instead of George Wallace, Jr? As George Sr would have surely put it: Have the voters of Alabama turned into pointy-headed intellectuals who can’t park their bicycles straight?

Not only did Wallace the younger lose, Congressman Arthur Davis lost his bid for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Stars fell on Alabama last night:

3 thoughts on “The Political Moniker of the Week…

  1. Not sure what Artur Davis is doing down in Alabama. I guess there is some value in even attempting to become Governor of Alabama as a black man but the whole tacking right to set yourself up for the general election only works if you get out of the primary. Oh well. Thanks for not voting for healthcare Rep. Davis! You’ll always have that on your resume along side the primary loss.

  2. I swear to God the first 92 times I saw this I assumed he was a joke candidate, possibly a member of 50 Cent’s posse.

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