More Dumbassery From Politico

You’d think Poltico honcho John Harris would have more important things to write about:

When two White House aides last weekend stripped off their shirts
for an afternoon of drinking with friends at a Georgetown bar, there
was widespread agreement that it exposed something — beyond the
pectorals of speechwriter Jon Favreau and press aide Tommy Vietor —
about Washington in the age of Barack Obama.

There was no agreement about what that something was.

Conservative critics said it showed the young Obama crowd needs to get
a clue. By these lights, the bare-chested drinking showed the aides
acting like — and, thanks to a photo posted on the Web, looking like —
frat boys in the midst of two wars and the Gulf oil spill.

West Wing defenders said it showed Obama bashers need to get a life. Do
they really have nothing better to carp about than a couple of friends
enjoying a day off?

Let’s see, we’re in two wars, there’s an environmental catastrophe in the Gulf and Politico is wasting bandwith writing about pecs and abs. Politico has focused on political trivia and ephemera since its inception but this may be a new low. Get a grip, y’all; or better yet, get a fucking life.

4 thoughts on “More Dumbassery From Politico

  1. But, see, this requires absolutely no thought at all to write about! So it’s perfect for these shallow dicksucks. WIN THE MORNING. WIN THE AFTERNOON!
    If anyone needs me I’ll be on my porch. Drinking. Heavily.

  2. Memo to the brain trust at Politico: No one would have known about the two Obama aides and their pecs if you fucking morons hadn’t wasted valuable bandwidth writing about them.

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