HBO’s Game of Thrones: OMG OMG OMG YOU GUYS

I saw this last night and spent about 20 minutes rewinding and watching and rewinding and watching.

I devoured all 9 million pages of the books in like a two-week period when Mr. A, who is like my pop-culture pimp, dragged them along on a trip and I ran out of stuff of my own to read. We will be having regular threads about this when it starts, oh yes, we will. Jane Espenson? Sean Bean? Leather and swords and killination and sexiness? How did I so please you, Ceiling Cat?


13 thoughts on “HBO’s Game of Thrones: OMG OMG OMG YOU GUYS

  1. Jane Espenson…me likey.

  2. pansypoo says:

    sean bean?if it’s better than the last installment of sharpe.

  3. You had me at Sean Bean! Hubba hubba! And there IS no such thing as a bad Sharpe’s episode!

  4. Athenae says:

    Come with me to the fandom, people. It will be awesome.

  5. joel hanes says:

    Perhaps this will be the goad that spurs George R. R. Martin to finish the damned thing. He doesn’t owe me anything, but I’d sure love to find out what happens to Jon Snow. And to both the Lords Lannister. And to Arys, and Bran, and Samwell Tarly …
    Icare about these characters.
    What I’m trying to say is that the vast banquet so far presented has only served to make me hungry for more.

  6. Tom Allen says:

    How did you please Ceiling Cat, Athenae? Probably the live mouse sacrifices and the burning catnip. A small price to pay for this bounty. šŸ™‚

  7. Athenae says:

    Joel, you and me both. I’m desperate for more Arya.

  8. virgotex says:

    Do I have to inhale?
    Can I wear my houseshoes?

  9. pansypoo says:

    this years sharpes episodes were a bit much. should have had a slower pace or something, tho sean was mighty fine.

  10. Maitri says:

    Come with me to the fandom, people. It will be awesome.
    Only if you give me +20 Charisma and all of my spells have +2 Damage. And I am given time between episodes to clean and adjust my orthodontic headgear like mom instructed me to.

  11. nancy says:

    Oh hell yes, Joel! It was this series that made me put a ban on buying any series that isn’t finished.
    The wait makes me crazy.

  12. Oh! Something myself and ‘the dude’ can peruse together! He’s read the books and I’m a pushover for Sean Bean (and good stories).

  13. missy says:

    If you haven’t seen it, findStormy Monday by Mike Figgis, a rainsoaked film noir set in a dying industrial northern U.K. town.
    Athenae, if you want something to rewind and rewatch: how about Sean Bean receiving a sponge bath? Very hard not to try to reach through the teevee and start applying the wet washcloth yourself.

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