A Day In The Life

Good morning, starshine.
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I woke up this morning at 4:30, which is pretty normal. I took a run around Monona Bay, did a little extra, then got to watch the sun rise over Lake Monona. Then it’s coffee and chicory, read the news, and get ready for work. I like my morning routine.

Life is pretty good these days.

What are your mornings like? Tell us in the comments. Rave, bitch, do whatever you like.

12 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. You’re up at 4:30? Freak.
    My alarm goes off at 7. I whack the thing about six times, drag myself out of bed, start the coffee. I have a stovetop percolator and it takes a while so while that’s going I let the dingos out, toss Puck onto my lap where he likes to lounge these days, and read a bunch of filthy hippies on the Internet. Only when the coffee’s done does anything of significance happen besides playing with the boys.

  2. These days it’s about 4:30 for me too. The baby inside of me wakes up about that time and starts kicking on my bladder :). Usually though, because it’s summer and I am off, My son sleeps until 9:30 (usually next to me and my husband) and wakes me up with talk of trains, telling me, “I have to work. I have to play and have fun. Let’s get up Mommy”. That is his job and he is good at it. Sometimes we just sit and cuddle and that is the best time of the day. All that talking is so sweet to me (for about 3 hours) then I ask him to stop talking :). Coffee is a must. Yes…even with a baby inside I still drink about 3 cups a day. Usually never finish a cup before it’s cold though. Too busy.

  3. This morning, my wife and I kicked the dogs out of the bedroom and made each other late.
    But my normal routine is this:
    6:15 – Throw on clothes and walk the dogs.
    6:45 – Take the paper into the reading room. My wife calls me Mr. Clockwork.
    7:00 – Dick around for ten minutes doing not much.
    7:10 – Meditate
    7:30 – Push-ups, crunches, etc. PT that would make my old DI smile.
    7:50 – Shower, shave and dress.
    8:05 – Make my lunch and by 8:15, I’m usually out the door.
    I prefer this morning’s wake-up to the usual.

  4. Typically I’m up at 6:15, teeth brushed and out on my run by 6:30 (I prefer running when it’s light out, you crazy freak). I get back around 7:15 for a shower and a bowl of oatmeal with the morning blogs/webcomics, and just relax and meditate until about 8 when I throw on some clothes and head out to work.
    Unless it’s a bike-to-work day, wherein I’m up at 6:30, breakfasted by 6:45, and dressed and on the road with my laptop and a change of clothes in a backpack by 7. I’m at work by 8 (13 miles in traffic takes a while), showered by 8:15, at my desk by 8:30 and dicking around on blogs/webcomics until someone makes me do something (usually about 9:30).
    I may start getting up earlier when I’m out of the goddamn east coast (and conveniently living across the street from the gym).

  5. Gee, I feel like a lazy sod, or at least not a morning person. The cat begins his feed-me routine at around 8:15, I semi-ignore him for about ten minutes, then get up, feed him, clean his litter box, shower, make a cup of coffee for the road (boil the water/mix with cold brew concentrate) and hopefully get to work by 9.
    Am lucky that I’ve got a VERY short commute, only around 5 to 10 minutes depending on conditions. Still, it’s amazing how dangerous even a short drive can be.

  6. Wow, Michael, your cat lets you sleep that late? Della is in full banshee mode by 5-ish.
    On weekday work days I get up at 7:30, drown my sorrows in coffee and leave at 8:30-ish.
    On weekend workdays I sleep until 8:30 and leave at 9:30.
    Ah, the joys of retail.
    I’m off today so I’m a blogger in PJs right now.

  7. Screw you morning people.
    7:00am – Wake up to iPhone alarm & NPR
    7:15am – “Shit, I should really get out of bed.”
    7:25am – “Nnnnnngggghhhh!” (On Wednesdays, replace this with, “Someone please take Tina Brown off the air.”)
    7:30am – Shuffle into kitchen. Make coffee. Shuffle into bathroom, look at hair, decide whether it needs straight iron or fuck it. Dress.
    7:45am – Heels or flats? Heels? Flats? Heels?
    7:48am – Eat breakfast, take vitamins.
    7:58am – Drive to work.
    8:15am – Check email.

  8. The cat learned right away that any earlier efforts with me would be futile.
    These days he’s a bit of a night owl himself, at least during summer — he does his thing around the house before taking his spot on the bed around sunrise…

  9. My husband is always up at the crack of dawn, but then again, he’s convinced that, since he only needs 5 hours of sleep at the most, nobody else needs sleep, either. I tend to sleep through his puttering ’round and leaving the house, though, so I set the alarm on my cell phone for a slightly later time that still enables me to get the kiddo out of bed and into school or camp, depending on the time of year.
    Mornings just suck since I’ve had the little guy come into my life, I won’t lie. The start time of school needs to be pushed back, I think. I thought that even when Iwas in school.

  10. liprap, yeah, WTF with the start time being at the crack of dawn? I used to get up at 5:30 to get to high school by 7, and it was BULLSHIT.

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