Make It Right

What His Rudeness said:

Rep. Charlie Melancon, whose chances at taking BP abettor and Pampers
enthusiast David Vitter’s seat have increased exponentially, saidyesterday,
“I don’t care if it’s a dictator, a king, a democracy, I can’t imagine
[another country] allowing any oil company to go out and do wily-nilly
what was done in the Gulf of Mexico and is being done to the United
States and this state.” And, in a line that should be the retort to any
member of Congress who says a raised or eliminated liability cap will
drive small oil companies out of the deep water drilling business,
Melanconsaid, “If you can’t afford to play in the deep water, you shouldn’t be out there.”

slash and burn time, man. Take ’em down. Like Haley Barbour,
Mississippi’s governor who has said media coverage is scaring away the
tourists while his state’s beaches remain mostly oil-free? Tell ’em to
eat some fish fromWaveland. Or maybe he thinks the kids’ll have funchasing the greased pelicans in Biloxi.


8 thoughts on “Make It Right

  1. Admittedly, I’ll never understand politics.
    But knowing the way things are developing in the Gulf, and having lived on an estuary on the Atlantic Coast and knowing how the water permeates the economy and lifestyle,
    How in the world can politicos like Jindal get away with calling for continued drilling?

  2. Unfortunately, Vitter’s lead has increased in the last week. I thought Melancon had an opening but all he’s offering is a nicer version of Vitterism.
    And Maple in a word: economics.

  3. Adrastos,
    That is where I’m really confused though. I think of all the folks out of work from tourism and fishing. And they have families who vote also. Then I think of the folks who supplement their income by fishing.
    So although big oil has the bucks, there are an awful lot of folks who the economics of this fiasco would seem to parades with torches and pitchforks.

  4. There’s no logic to their reaction. They apparently fear the gummint more than they do industry.

  5. Yeh. Melancon is just a slightly smaller, less smelly turd than Vitter. He’s a typical, asshole Bluedog. If he won, he’d be a dumber version of Blanche Lincoln.
    I reckon I’ll vote for the fucking rat, holding my nose. Won’t be the first time for me in this dumbass state.

  6. “Emergency workers found small brown, gooey globs ofMATERIAL along the shoreline in Bay St. Louis and Waveland on Sunday, and wildlife officials rescued whatAPPEARED to be an oily pelican on the beach in Pascagoula.
    Hancock County Emergency Manager Brian Adam said he and state Department of Environmental Quality officials found the globs during their daily beach patrols Sunday. He said they
    DIDN’T APPEAR OILY, but more like “melted Tootsie Rolls,” and looked different than the tar balls found previously.
    He said they were from pea- to quarter-size, concentrated mainly in Bay St. Louis off Washington Street toward St. Charles. He said DEQ teams were cleaning them up Sunday afternoon and would test them to see
    IF they were from the oil disaster.”
    There’s your proof that Barbour owns the local paper!

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