Catblogging: now we are three

Us guest posters don’t typically do much critter blogging but I hope you’ll indulge me this once.

I moved into my home during the summer four years ago, so I always think of summer as my anniversary of single living. I moved in with all but one of the animal roommates. The last one, Alfie, joined us the following summer. Below, the tiny ball of fluff he was at the beginning, compared to the big palooka he’s grown into: definitely the biggest, heaviest, most muscular cat I’ve ever had. He’s actually bigger this year than he was a year ago but I think he’s finally stopped growing. In addition to his size, he’s also the most gregarious, dog-like feline I’ve been around.

He’s a funny guy. 




7 thoughts on “Catblogging: now we are three

  1. So this is now W.W.T.C.U. day ‘stead of W.W.T.F.U.S. day? Changin’ it up, changin’ it up…
    And that big fella looks like a feral cat that hung ’round the glass studio I worked at for a while. We called him Elliott. Black and white cats are a mixed bag, but when they’re sweet, they’re sweeeet.

  2. He’s a Turkish Van mix. They have amazing fur-cashmere, like a rabbit. Also, they tend to enjoy water- playing in it, being wet. Some even swim.

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