A Samurai From New Orleans East?

My house member, the accidental Congressman Joseph Cao clearly understands that he won’t be re-elected. The vultures are circling, ready to feast on the carrion of his brief political ascent: the NOLA Democratic establishment seems to be coalescing around a candidate, State Rep Cedric Richmond. Richmond ran in 2008 but didn’t make the run-off wherein he would have kicked then Congressman Dollar Bill Jefferson’s ass. Instead through abizarre set of circumstances, we ended up with Mr. Cao in one of the bluest districts in the South. Hell, even in the country: Democratic Presidential nominees usually get 70% plus of the vote in New Orleans. The Gret Stet may have gone from purple to red but Debrisville istrue blue.

There’s obviously something liberating about knowing you’re going to lose: it allows you to say whatever the hell you want. Mr. Cao has never been known to say outrageous things until yesterday. Bashing BP is now routine for Louisiana pols but nobody has suggestedritual samurai suicide before Mr. Cao. It’s also a bizarre suggestion since Little Joe is Vietnamese but, hey, it got him on teevee so it’s all good. At least he recognizes a real pho:

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