Malaka Of The Week: The Huffington Post

I’m not sure if I should be using the singular or the plural version of malaka but the Huff Post has hit a new low. The offending, as well as offensive, post belongs in a super market tabloid devoted to tales of Big Foot and space aliens. I have never been a fan of the Huff Post and cannot stand Ariana Huffington who is an arrogant, trendhopping opportunist. One of my earliest posts at First Draft was entitledSatan’s Botoxed Handmaiden, which is my friend Kevin Allman’s pet name for his bete noir.

Enough set-up. The reason this week’s “honor” goes to the Huff Post is that they published a specious, speculative and downright untrue storyRaining Oil In Louisiana? They tried to cover their asses via punctuation and by posting a survey at the bottom of the post asking readers if they believed the story and the following video:

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My fellowNOLA blogger Dambala was in suburban River Ridge when the alleged oily rain came down there. There was no fucking oil but the hills are alive with the sound of malakatude courtesy of Satan’s Botoxed Handmaiden and her underhanded underlings.

One last piece of evidence in support of the utter malakatude of the Huff Post. Their video source likes to post his extreme teabaggerish views online.Again, this is via Dambala:

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As my late mother was fond of saying: Consider the source and this source is malakatudinous…

8 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: The Huffington Post

  1. Yeah, I saw a bunch of people put that on Facebook. When I saw it was from the Huffington Post, I knew it couldn’t be true. Those people have zero credibility; they’re forevermore pushing quacks and pseudoscientific cranks onto the world.
    With “friends” like those, huh?

  2. I saw this and put my vote in for dirty streets–couldn’t see anything unusual below the gutter/grate, and I doubt there’s a street in the country that doesn’t have an oil stain on it.
    However, I do wonder if the ambient dirt and grit might have some kind of effect. When I lived up north I was amazed at how fast pristine snow turned gray from what I assumed was mostly automobile exhaust and grease. And just because you don’t see it during the summer doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  3. Athenae,
    I hear you … huffpo is Teh Suxxor.
    There’s a piece over there on the Gulf, by one of my major heroes of all time (I wanted to be that good a journalist when I grew up).
    It’s Dan Rather, reporting on what we don’t know, about the Deepwater Horizon disaster’s aftereffects.

  4. If Arianna spent 1/2 second insisting on her editors actually vetting these stories…well, she wouldn’t have a site.
    But if it was truly “raining oil” in Louisiana, you think there’d be only one YouTube video of it?
    Much like Rush Limbaugh, she doesn’t give a shit about political ideology (one way or the other), journalism, or truth. She cares about influence, prestige, and money.

  5. “progressive” talk radio host, Thom Hartmann, fell for this bizarroworld story today.

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