‘Storm of the Century of the Week’

Chicagoist on the CRAZY WEATHER SO CRAZY. Last night was the first time I’ve heard tornado sirens in Chicago. Growing up in Wisconsin, we’d have bad storms occasionally but, as my mother would always remind us when huddling freaked-out in the basement, we were too close to the lake for a real tornado, and I had assumed the same applied here since in twelve years, no sirens.

They went off last night and Mr. A and I packed up the dingos and moved them into the hallway as directed by the building apocalypse plan, and we watched as the rain lashed and the wind blew. Puck slept through most of the whole thing, Riot was unconcerned and more focused on getting into my lap on top of the warm laptop, but Bucky jumped and eeped a few times. The power flickered but never went out, which is weird, because my block loses power when somebody downtown sneezes.

This morning, we still had power, but no Internet (cable down) so I set off on my bike in search of access. My local coffee shop and office-away-from-home had no power at all and a big sign that said basically, try us tomorrow, maybe ComEd will have unfucked itself by then. My office had no power either, which I learned when I flicked on the air conditioning and nothing happened. Hope nothing important’s in the fridge. The second choice of coffee shop, on the same block as the building where I work, was also out as was the traffic light, and lots of bad-natured honking and cursing was going on. Tree limbs all over the ‘hood, people out all over the place cleaning up their lawns.

Across the street, though, thrice-blessed Caribou, with coffee, wifi, lights on, and a line out the door. Dunno if they have a generator or what, I do not care. I stalked and stared until some people left their table and now I’m hooked back into the Matrix. Did I miss anything, other than the usual right-wing fuckery and everybody being upset because Obama didn’t suck McChrystal’s dick?


4 thoughts on “‘Storm of the Century of the Week’

  1. You know, it’s posts that contain lines like that last one that keep me coming back to this site. Any fool can swear, and many fools do – uninventively. But when Athenae swears, I feel like saying: “You see, that’s exactly how I would have put it, if I had that kind of creativity in me.”
    Hope you’ll get back to normal soon. We had some twisters up here yesterday too, inMidland – which is about 80km southwest of where the G-8 is happening. And we had a magnitude5.0 earthquake as well. Maybe some higher power is trying to tell our leaders something?
    One can only hope they’re listening…

  2. Hey Michael, nice to hear from you. You’re the reason I’m “The Other.” 😉
    Yes, I felt the earthquake. I was on the second floor, and my office chair and desk were both shaking – not a lot, but enough to see that I wasn’t dreaming. Went downstairs and checked what my father was up to in the kitchen – he’s here visiting, and I thought maybe he was making his potato salad more enthusiastically than normal. He didn’t feel anything, though.
    This time it wasn’t scary, unlike the earthquake in Los Angeles in 2008. That was a lot more uncomfortable.

  3. I can start entering comments as MichaelF — that way you don’t have to be “The Other.”
    Glad to hear no damage. Friends and relatives have described earthquakes to me, but I’ve been lucky to not have to deal with one.
    Hurricane Gustav in 2008 was quite enough, thank you…

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