Posturing In Da Parish

These are strange times in South Louisiana. Both the national and local press are treating some of our local hack conservative pols as though they’re heroic because of the oil spill. I suppose one could call it ennoblement through victimhood. One of my least favorite local leaders is St. Bernard Parish President Craig Taffaro whoFirst Draft readers first met when he was making like Jesus and watching the feet of guvmint employees. Taffaro was also one of the originalmalakas featured at my own humble blog abode. During a photo-op yesterday, he denounced federal officials for only showing up for photo-ops. He should have looked to his left and noticed Governor PBJ whose approach to the crisis has been to pose, posture and preen for the camera crews he invites to follow him around. They call it leadership, I call it malakatude.

Anyway, here’s Craig Taffaro who’s probably upset that Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser is getting all the pub so he did a bit of emoting for the cameras:

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p>I know this sounds harsh given the circumstances but I knew these bozos before the oiltastrophe and they were partisan Gooper hacks then and that has not changed. Guys like Taffaro and PBJ are contorting and twisting logic in ways that even a master pretzel maker would find difficult. (Perhaps yoga would be a better analogy:Taffaro could easily be described as a downward facing dog.) They want the spill stopped and investigated but drilling to continue and the deeper the better. They want the Feds to “lead or get out of the way” but they want federal money and logistical support. Additionally, their own spill preparations were woefully inadequate. The Jindal administration no more had a plan to deal with this disaster than BP or the Feds but PBJ knows how to pander. And he knows fromPretzel Logic:

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  1. Thanks for that. Now I have to sit in reverence, listening, for the next 5 minutes 34 seconds.

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