Back Up Off Hawkeye, Bish

I was okay (well, not okay, but it’s not anything I haven’t heard before, and man, it’s almost the holiday weekend and I’m tired) withKathleen Parker’s latest shitpile of justification for why she sucks, ie women talk too much and Obama talks too much therefore he has a vagina, until she got tothis:

Obama is a chatterbox who makes Alan Alda look like Genghis Khan.


Hawkeye Pierce was my first TV crush. I think I was like seven. I blame my entire teenage years of perving on dudes old enough to be my much older college professors on Sexy here:

The West Wing did nothing to dim my adoration:

Also he’spretty awesome all on his own:

I’m assuming you’re here at Caltech because you love science,
and I’m assuming you’ve learned a great deal here about
how to do science. I’m asking you today to devote some significant
part of your life to figuring out how to share your love of science
with the rest of us.

But not just because explaining to us what you do will get you more
funding for what you do . . . although it surely will . . . but
just because you love what you do.

And while you’re explaining it, remember that dazzling us with jargon
might make us sit in awe of your work, but it won’t make us love

Tell us frankly how you got there. If you got there by many twists
and turns and blind alleys, don’t leave that out. We love a detective
story. Ifyou enjoyed the adventure of getting there, so
will we.

scientists do leave that out. By the time we hear about their great
discoveries, a lot of the doubt is gone. The mistakes and wrong
turns are left out . . . and it doesn’t sound like a human
thing they’ve done. It separates us from the process.

Whatever you do, help us love science the way you do.

So do not EVEN.


5 thoughts on “Back Up Off Hawkeye, Bish

  1. I consider Alan Alda to be a role model of mine. I’ve been a fan of M*A*S*H since I was old enough to turn on a TV.

  2. First TV crush: Scully. First movie crush: Agent Starling. The early 90s were good years for portrayals of tough, reserved female FBI agents.
    Plus Starling was Appalachian. A heroine in a Major Motion Picture who’s an independent, well-educated law-enforcement officer from a small West Virginia town? Yes please.
    When she blows off Chilton with “I graduated from UVA; it is not a charm school,” well, I mean, shit.

  3. The MASH episode “Five O’Clock Charlie” is one of the funniest things I have ever seen on TV. I’ve seen that episode maybe two dozen times now and I still laugh until it hurts.

  4. So, not only is she a pretty complete waste of food, water, air, and time (hat tip Lois McMaster Bujold), she’s raggin’ on *my* hero, Hawkeye?
    Sideways, with a rusty chainsaw, she should Cheney herself.

  5. Ooh, Athenae, good on you for having the taste to imprint on Hawkeye/Alan. One can spend one’s girlish adolescence in much worse ways! I was well outa my teens back then, but I loved him. Did you ever see the nifty little made-for-TV thriller “Isn’t It Shocking” he did in the early 70s?
    I can’t quite suss Parker’s “wit”. How does she know that Genghis Khan wasn’t a total logorrheic loudmouth who everybody else wished would shut the hell up but were afraid to say so? Eh?
    Also, many thnx for the excellent blogsitting over at TBogg’s!

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