This Win Tastes Like Win, But Lacks Win Sauce

Oh, gosh darn bummer:

WASHINGTON – Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan drew opposition Friday from Republican leaderMitchMcConnell and two other GOP senators, raising the prospect of a confirmation largely along party lines.

Wow, that sucks. If only half of Democrats and half of Republicans would vote for her exactly so that we could achieve … something, because she’s only REALLY on the court if both sides hate her! I know this because of my learnings.

In other news, Lindsey is an enormous pussy, something that in a just world would annoy Republicans as much as it annoysthe Democrats he occasionally deigns to screw over:

Certain elements of Graham’s dance routine with the White House are
available for public viewing. Graham has already signaled that he would
be receptive to confirming Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court this
summer. First, however, he will extract his pound of flesh. “I want to
make the case that she’s a liberal,” he told me. “Part of this whole
exercise is to say to the public that if you want liberal judges, fine
— vote for a liberal candidate for president. If the policy Harvard had
toward military recruitment upsets you, you need to understand that
liberals think that way.”…

Right. He’s not actually gonna DO anything about it. She’s a liberal, and he doesn’t want to STOP that, he doesn’t want to UPSET anybody, he just wants you to KNOW. What a passive-aggressive little bitch.

It’s not like he makes lots of money supposedly representing the people who elected him, so it’s totally fine for him to openly laugh at them by saying he’s playing a game. There are a lot of people out here who are unemfuckingployed, who would appreciate it if you could at least PRETEND to do your job like it’s a thing that matters and not be so open about what a waste of oxygen you think governing is. God Almighty.

“This whole exercise?” The public in fact elected a whole crapton of Democrats recently, most of ’em on the premise that they would do stuff like nominate judges who could find the law with a searchlight and a posse, because in every district in which a Republican was remotely competitive you had these interest ads saying the Democratic candidate would have a liberal judge come to your house and personally sodomize you, so I don’t think people were unaware. It’s not like you’re telling them anything they didn’t know.

They voted for a Democratic president, too, probably mostly on the hope that he could unfuck some of what’s fucked up in this country, but they had to know an outside chance would be that he’d have to nominate people to replace some of the justices who are OLD AS FUCK and other ones that are just bored after listening to lawyers bitch for like a billion squillion years. I mean, it’s a fairly basic thing the president does. It’s not like with Bush, where none of us really knew he could legalize torture and get away with it.

So spare me the argument that Lindsey here is doing something noble for humanity. He’s doing what he always does: yanking his bipartisan pud whenever there’s a microphone around and pretending that what he really wants isn’t to be loved by everybody. If he was treated with a fraction of the contempt he deserved, maybe he’d be less likely to open his mouth and say, basically, I give only enough of a damn to get halfway out of bed in the morning, so you’re going to have to pretend that my advice is an actual, you know, thing.

But without such stellar thinking and the votes of precisely half of the most evil fuckers on the planet today, how can Kagan truly be considered a Supreme Court justice?

Chief Justice John Roberts, appointed by President George W. Bush,
was confirmed 78-22 in 2005, and Democrats cast all the votes in
opposition. The following year, Justice Samuel Alito was approved
58-42, with all but four Democrats opposed.

first pick for the court, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, was approved last
year on a vote of 68-31. All of the votes in opposition were cast by

And yet somehow they manage.


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