Life Is A Minestrone

It’s time to continue the Seventies UK power pop theme in the wake of last evening’s latter day version ofAll The Way From Memphis. The original 10CC lineup was short-lived but absolutely brilliant. They wrote and performed some of the cleverest and catchiest rock songs ever.Life Is A Minestrone is a hoot, featuring some of the wittiest lyrics this side of Cole Porter including a line that at one time I used as my email sig file: “I’m just a gourmet in a skid row diner, a fitting menu for a dillettante.”

Here are the boys lipsinking onTop Of The Pops way back in 1975. It may be cheesy but what’s minestrone without parmesan, after all?

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Those Russians are diabolical. I couldn’t for the life of me get rid of that Cyrillic gobbledygook at the bottom of the screen but, hey, it was the only embeddable version I could find. I hope that doesn’t mean First Draft is embed with Putin…


5 thoughts on “Life Is A Minestrone

  1. “The seat of learning and the flush of success / Relieves a constipated mind.” I’ve always loved that line.

  2. There was an ad on it when I first played it as well. I couldn’t throw away that pun so…

  3. Pst, it’s “lipsynching.” And as to minestrone without parmesan, my answer would be “edible,” since I’m about the least dairy-tolerant person in the universe. 🙂

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