Oh yeah:

So you regret giving that up.
I got it back.
I’m back. I went down to Memphis and I used the original guys that
worked at Stax. The spirit of that blues movement is what I tried to
capture. A song like “Down Don’t Bother Me”—”I’ve been down so long,
down don’t bother me”—that’s what people are feeling. But you’re gonna
get back up again here, come on, come on.

The age of Obama, right?
Obama’s not steppin’ up or they’re not lettin’ him, but this stuff in
the Gulf, this is where government should step in. They sold every part
and parcel of us to some freakin’ corporation for the money. Things are
fucked up, but they could change, and we could do it.

So Ally McBeal was a really horrible show in a lot of ways, but there was one episode where she talked about having a soundtrack, a song that would sort of provide the background for your good moods and put you into one when you weren’t, and this was mine:

Hey, I’m a child of the 80s, sue me.


13 thoughts on “Cyndi

  1. (raises hand) I’m a child of the 80’s, too (well, early-mid teen of the 80’s)!
    Yesterday at b’fast at the cafe/bar w/my dad – I kept disrupting our collective crossword work w/80’s music identifying Tourette’s.
    “Hmmm, 43 down…”
    “OMG!!! ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – Lips Like Sugar!!!”
    “as I was saying…”
    “alright – now 71 across…”
    “MISSING PERSONS – Walking In L.A.!!!”
    It took me back to an age where MTV was truly a music channel. My brother and I would do a prototypical ‘iTunes tagging’ by naming off songs on the radio based on the MTV info. It started w/just title & artist, but as MTV added info to the vids we expanded it to album, then production company.
    I love streaming Radio Free Akron via iTunes for some great alt 80’s music.
    And my 25 year h.s. reunion is in August…they better have great music or I’m gonna hurt folks. I just wish it could be at the high school a la “Grosse Pointe Blank” – but stupid “Zero Tolerance” rules…

  2. Cyndi has an amazing voice: singing, that is. When she tawks she sounds like Teresa on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

  3. Totally child of the 80s here. Visit my Blip station where I make like Richard Blade with the new wave b-sides.

  4. She’s good people. Always been a solid friend to the queers. She was Master of Ceremonies for the Pride parade one year when I was in NYC.
    You know they just did a Goonies Never Die Fest to mark the 25th anniversary of the film in Astoria, Oregon. I think she was scheduled to perform.

  5. I’ve always liked her. But it wasn’t until I saw a clip of her on AB (I think it was) where she mentioned in her talking voice about her voice lessons and how she takes care of the pipes…and I happily bumped up my respect for her. She cares about her talent/gift and she respects it, too. Unlike, say Ke$ha or britney or Lady Gahdawful…

  6. My first car in 1984 had an “I Love Cyndi Lauper” bumper sticker on it; I still love her today. 57? Damn, she’s still hot!

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