Michael Steele Doesn’t Have to Care


Embattled RNC chairman Michael Steele may well have been saved by the calendar. On any other day, a leaked video
showing him telling funders that Afghanistan is a hopeless war,
launched not by George W. Bush but by President Obama could easily have
cost him his job. As luck would have it, though, the footage surfaced
on a Friday before a holiday weekend with many of Washington’s biggest
newsmakers out of town or unavailable for comment. But with Republicans
and conservative operatives calling for his head, Steele must be
wondering whether he’ll survive beyond the long weekend.

Or maybe he’s figured out what most Republicans and almost no Democrats have clocked into in the past eight or nine years: You don’t actually have to quit just because some dick says you do. David Vitter? Still in the Senate.

I mean, you can absolutely ignore the howls for resignation because as we’ve discussed multiple times on this site, the press has the attention span of a heroin-addicted gnat and is a slave to the 24-hour news cycle and somebody, somewhere, will say something stupider tomorrow. Somebody will always say something stupider tomorrow, it’s like a law of physics.


4 thoughts on “Michael Steele Doesn’t Have to Care

  1. I want to get me a photo editing job at The Economist. If you don’t like the art for a story, you just,make shit up! What a concept! And no, I don’t know why print media seems to be choking boogers.

  2. Yeah, I wasn’t bothered by the use of photoshop by the Economist. They wanted to illustrate their story — the depressed president — so instead of hiring an illustrator for a couple thousand dollars, they got one of the kids in design to do it for cost.
    Focusing on the fact that they used photoshop detracts from the important issue — the interpretation of “reality” described in the magazine itself.

  3. I check in with First Draft every day because of lines like “Somebody will always say something stupider tomorrow, it’s like a law of physics.”

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