Top Chef PWNS Heritage Foundation

ViaMelissa, this:

Tom Colicchio: There were three of us who were the voice of reason. And one person fromThe Heritage Foundation said that if children are getting obese, then maybe we should stop feeding them. I was like[sarcastically] “okay.” He became my adversary right away and I managed to get a few digs in afterward.

I watch Top Chef religiously and before I read this, I’ve never much liked Colicchio. He always came off as a nasty, sarcastic ass and not in an interesting way, but this has completely turned my opinion around. In fact, he’s looking downright tasty.


5 thoughts on “Top Chef PWNS Heritage Foundation

  1. Dude knows his foodstuffs – I never took his ‘tude as a flaw – these chefs are there to win and he’s there to make them tow the line. 🙂 I’ve had a bit of a culinary crush on him for a few years now… I’ll scoot over on the Colicchio bench and make room for ya’! 🙂 Granted I have a thing for Ripert, too. (you did see them on “Treme'” right? Yummeh, good guys!)

  2. And yet folks remain oblivious to the fact that poorer areas have less access to markets which sell healthy foods. Even here in rural MO it is hard to pick through the supermarket and find the healthy stuff versus the high fat, high calorie. Of course, the healthy stuff is more costly also.
    Interesting study came out in the last week that ingestion of high-fructose corn syrup is associated with increased hypertension. The study corrected for factors associated with hypertension, such as obesity.
    BTW, corn syrup would be more costly if the govt removed the subsidy – but that would be removing a subsidy on corn.

  3. high fructose corn syrup is the lifeblood of Satan. It should be banned or at least come with a big huge warning label. Those (airquote)juice(airquote)drinks are full of it.

  4. It’s amazing and scary where you find that HFCS crap. Some white breads, “NutriGrain” bars, Oreos, ‘chocolate syrup’, etc… I check the ingredient lists and 98% of the time the item gets put back on the shelf immediately. The other 2% are seriously thought about before half of those get jettisoned from the cart.

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