Fuck The Police

Oscar Grant, executed by the police.
Image fromhere.

Seriously. Fuck ’em. See that young man there? He wasmurdered by the cops in Oakland, CA. One cop was kneeling on his back while another cop, who was not threatened by this prone, handcuffed, face-down man, calmly drew his gun and shot him in the back.

If you or I did that, we’d be looking at 25 with an L. The cop? Convicted, sure. But of involuntary manslaughter. As someone at Cole’s place pointed out, this cop will do less time for murdering an unarmed, helpless man than football star Plaxico Burress will do for shooting himself in the leg.

Fuck that shit. And for any of you assholes who talk about how you shouldn’t get in situations where the cops could ever have any excuse to draw down, fuck you too. You tell me what this man did to deserve an extrajudicial execution. 

Look at this fucking video:

Tell me that was justified. The cop (whose name is Johannes Mehserle) used the lame-ass defense that he meant to pull out his taser, not his gun. Well, fuck him sideways. Tell me how this young man deserved a tasering. And if you can’t tell your gun hand from your taser hand, you’re too fucking stupid to be a cop–and the bar’s already pretty low there.  

And don’t tell me that the crowd was making the situation tense. First of all, fuck you. Second, if you’re a cop, you’re expected to deal with tense situations. Third, fuck you. And fourth, if the crowd is threatening, why shoot and kill someone who’s not a part of the crowd?

The answer to that last one is pretty obvious, isn’t it? It’s a form of terrorism. Oh, sure. I’m sure the cops call it “crowd control.” But it’s fucking terrorism, plain and simple. 

Finally, don’t tell me about how the cops stand on the line to protect me, and blah fucking blah. Yes, they do. They also volunteered for that job, and having a stressful, dangerous job DOES NOT GIVE YOU LICENSE TO MURDER.

19 thoughts on “Fuck The Police

  1. I am so distraught over this. Forget everything else: How does a trained law enforcement officer MISTAKE A GUN FOR A TASER? If your judgment is so clouded, perhaps you should be thrown in the pit with the lions.
    This is injustice, pure and simple. Makes the rest of the force look awful.

  2. Cops that step over the line should have MORE consequences, not less. That old “with power goes responsibility” thing.
    Unfortunately, too many of our officials (judges, prosecutors, politicians) and citizens on juries see it just the opposite way.
    The sadistic violent cop needs to be viewed the same way as a rabid animal: a threat to the public.

  3. The cop (whose name is Johannes Mehserle) used the lame-ass defense that he meant to pull out his taser, not his gun.
    Honestly this attitude that “tasing” is somehow safe or acceptable or anything but deadly force is far too prevalent among cops these days. Tase-happy cops should be kicked off the force the same as gun-happy cops.
    HUGE issue of mine. Tasers SHOULD BE BANNED. End of discussion.

  4. Yeah, it was a fucked-up situation, for certain, and how they managed to get the jury to go for involuntary manslaughter is beyond me. I guess I’d have to see the jury instructions–it’s quite possible the prosecution allowed some bad instructions in.
    I guess the only good thing is that the cop isn’t out there being a cop anymore.

  5. I was so furious when I heard what the verdict was that I had all I could do to not cry. This brought back bitter memories of the day Dan White was given a wrist slap for assassinating two elected officials in San Francisco. Dan White couldn’t live with himself after he got out of jail in a very few years and killed himself.
    What has been overlooked in this situation is that the jury was essentially hung, when one juror was replaced because he was going on vacation! The jury arrived at this terrible verdict within hours of the alternate juror joining them. Another travesty.

  6. we have to ban tasers. cops find it was to easy to go for them and obviously cops can’t handle having both.

  7. Agree with so many of the comments above.
    First, there is the perception, pushed by the manufacturer, that Tasers are some sort of innocent, harmless toy (they’re even selling civilian Tasers now in designer colors such as hot pink). There is enough evidence that is NOT the case. While there may be a role for Tasers in controlling a fleeing suspect and/or taking control of a threatening suspect, what the !@#$ are they doing on using Tasers on a handcuffed suspect with multiple officers there???? (which seems to be SOP in many locations).
    And aren’t cops supposedly trained how to subdue suspects???
    I also can’t help but notice that Oakland, CA is near LA, CA. Wonder how their police departments compare?
    And what about civil disobedience? If you are in a peaceful sit-in, should the police be allowed to use Tasers to get you to move?

  8. We have to ban cops. I hate the motherfuckers. Bullies, all of them.

  9. Oakland is near LA? Check a map. Oakland’s across the bay from San Francisco–that’s at least a 7-hour trip from LA, if memory serves correctly.

  10. Oakland’s been tense for quite a while, and this can’t help the situation.
    More to the point, I guess, is that Grant, in the portions of the video where he’s seen, isn’t struggling, isn’t trying to resist arrest, isn’t trying to get up. He’s flat on his stomach with his hands cuffed behind him. There’s no way in hell that the police could argue that he was a threat to them. There was no reason to use a taser on him, and, therefore, no reason for the supposed confusion about weapons on the part of the officer.
    He might have been trash-talking the police (hard to tell without knowing his voice, given the multiplicity of voices on the video), but the courts have consistently ruled that’s not resisting arrest and not cause for punitive action.
    Best as I can see, there are four people on the ground and four cops, no one struggling, no one attempting to get away, no signs whatsoever of the situation getting out of control with the crowd, which seems to be, at the least, fifteen or twenty feet away. Moreover, the cop testified that he intended to use the taser to intimidate Grant (to what end? he was physically compliant).
    The cops never admit that this confirms in the mind of the public the worst stereotypes of police, which simply makes the job worse, not better. When the system tolerates or minimizes such behavior on the part of the police, it convinces people that the police are not a public good, but, rather, a public menace.

  11. of course, you’re right about that Jude. I was thinking mainly in terms of coastal California and forgetting that Oakland is so far north in California.

  12. Southern,
    I see your point that they did this to a SCOTUS family,
    But to punch out a mental patient?? Just that, on the face of it, is outrageous.

  13. Appears that the jury instructions followed the letter of the California Criminal Code, in re: charges available to be considered.
    Bad as this was, it doesn’t look like a planned, plotted murder. Doesn’t *look* like it conforms to the Murder in the First Degree statutory definition, that is to say. Yes, it’s a killing of one man, by another man, using a handgun, and it wasn’t just witnessed, it was captured on video.
    The cop was so scared he fled.
    Shows me three things. The first thing it shows me is anytime you’ve got people involved in something the potential for whatever it is to get screwed up beyond all hope of redemption is right out there in front of FSM and everybody. The second thing it shows me is that the situation had so much testosterone, adrenaline and confusion swirling around, it’s actually a damn miracle only one guy ended up dead. Third thing it shows me is that cop … that cop was a scared young guy in a bad spot, and he acted like being a cop didn’t fix that.

  14. I hope they put this cop with the general population in the prison. maybe that will be the only way justice will be served. I hope the fear in him will show him how it feels to be powerless when being attacked and not knowing the outcome. he will have to pay the price in time.

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