That sums it up nicely


This, after pulling over the bottle, spilling water all over the table, then rolling the bottle off the table onto the floor. In the tiny sweet voice he tends to use immediately after he’s done something bratty.

4 thoughts on “That sums it up nicely

  1. I know of agato who does the same thingy, with giant doggy-sized bowls of water.
    His cuteness, it is undoubtedly the reason why he is still alive, no?

  2. I used to keep a dish of water in the dining room for the ferrets when they were out, and then Bucky discovered that if he dumped it over, I would IMMEDIATELY have to come running. Brat.
    That’s an adorable birdy.

  3. And that’s why the most often imitated sounds parrots learn are things like phones, microwave alarms, doorbells, breaking glass, crying babies, etc.
    They see what people quickly run to respond to.
    He is being sort of adorable in this. He’s sleepy and mumbling. Usually he’s louder and more obnoxious.

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