So, Patrick Spain, the New York Times Still Breathes

A year ago:

Nobody Knows What To Do

That’s primarily what I took away fromChicago Media Future this afternoon, that and a dislike ofPatrick Spain of, who spent his entire time on the afternoon panel making the following assertions:

1. Nobody with fewer than 5 million hits daily is making any money online.

2. Politico has replaced the Washington Post as a source of good political information.

3. HuffPo will replace the New York Times.

4. The New York Times will not exist one year from today.

Hmm. June 13 came and went and I woke up this morning andhey, holy shit.



3 thoughts on “So, Patrick Spain, the New York Times Still Breathes

  1. And, amazingly, I haven’t used Newser (now that’s a name that sings!) in the past 365 days. That guy was such a dick.

  2. Nice to see a guy with a University of Chicago degree in ancient history pushing Bristol and Levi stories and the ‘news’ that, I quote, ‘world’s largest breasts could kill woman’. It looks like this guy is a soulless vulture trying to write a search algorithm for news that channels TMZ. Ah the joys of a classics education from a top university!

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