10 thoughts on “Speaking of the Lunatic Fringe

  1. Though they did screw up “Democratic” in typical RW style. It’s not an adjective.
    Hitler’s swastika armband seems a bit out of place on his shoulder. And I don’t know that Lenin ever wore a big hammer-and-sickle button.

  2. That’s not an armband. The Nazis wore those on their left arms. They just put in the swastika and hammer-and-sickle to imply a similarity to Obama’s logo.

  3. Billboard located in Mason City, IA. They’re preaching to the faithful:
    White 28,220
    African American 484
    Hispanic or Latino 1,005
    Asian 283
    American Indian or Alaska Native 139
    Hawaiian / Pacific Islander 20
    Other 458

  4. It’s amazing how they photoshopped those pictures of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Bill O’Reilly, don’t you agree?

  5. (sarcasm mode engaged) It’s really great that they tried to pick coordinating fonts to match the pics…!??!??!?! (sarcasm off, and facepalm – followed by :kitten3:punch:slap
    Seriously?!???! Faux-Germanic font and a Russia-light font?!??! Criminy, they need to have their word programs taken away from them forever!!!
    (and yeah, the ‘buttons’- WTF?!???!)

  6. I think it is cute how the rather flamboyant speechmaker (Hitler) looks rather reserved while the rather staid, stoic appearing Obama seems to be an evil Transformer demolishing a town.

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