‘Demand What You Paid For’


worked hard and played by the rules, and now people in expensive suits
who sat in offices recklessly gambling with other people’s money want
to stop you from being able to retire.

exported jobs to other countries and made it harder to start new
businesses to create new jobs. They slashed government spending to the
point where even schools are closing. They failed to honor contracts
that said they would put money into your pension fund, and now there is
no pension fund. And now they want your unemployment insurance so they
can gamble that away, too.

They sayyou need to tighten your belt to pay fortheir mistakes.

Well, why should you?

You paid for insurance to protect you from this. Demand what you paid for.

Social Security: You paid for it. We have the money. You earned it. You deserve it.And they don’t.

This goes back to something we talk a lot about here, about how we only ever ask anymore for what we’re told is reasonable and realistic and what we think we can get. We accept arguments like “political reality” from total assholes who can’t remember a good fight much less fight one now.

The definition of what you deserve — which used to mean decent schools for your kids, a job with people who wouldn’t screw you over gratuitously and then shrug about profits, the pension and benefits into which you paid your whole life, safe and clean streets where you could walk unafraid — has been starkly reduced to whatever you can scrounge when the world has stopped shelling your ass.

Time to take that message and stuff it inside an old recliner and set it on fire. Preferably on Congress’s doorstep.


3 thoughts on “‘Demand What You Paid For’

  1. You know, I fight constantly within my little bike advocacy group about this. Everyone is always willing to accept whatever tiny crumbs the city administration will throw us and I jump up and down and tell them that if we don’t make noise and ask for more, we will always be patted on the head and marginalized. They consider me to be a hothead. *sigh* People don’t know how to fight anymore, I swear they don’t.

  2. On the anniversary of Bastille Day (I know I’m late posting this – but it’s been that kind of week) I keep wondering when the people of this country will rise up and start removing the heads of all the political/corporate jerks who are ruining this country.

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