Brett Favre: Runaway Slave

Yeah, what she said…

I don’t think I could have put it better than Firewoman, so
I’m not going to try:

The fact that the r-word is even being used is due to the unfortunate
circumstance that Gilbert happens to be white, and James happens to be
black. What if they were both the same race? Would Gilbert have still
written that letter?

You bet he would have because Gilbert’s open letter is not racially

Consider Brett Favre and recent Green Bay Packer history. Lots of
name-calling, jersey-burning and billboard-bashing everywhere because
Favre retired than un-retired a few dozen times, playing for rival teams
in between, and ticking off Packers fans everywhere.

Yet, no one is called a racist in Wisconsin because Favre is white, as
is most of Wisconsin. But is everyone is Wisconsin still mad? You bet
your biscuits they are.

Rev. Jackson’s remarks are particularly off-putting because they imply
that anyone angry about the way James left the team (last minute,
publicly, and without warning) is a racist.

Being a proud member of a racial minority myself (Asian American), that
really peeves me. And it should peeve the many fans in Cleveland which
is a very diverse town. This is the same town which gathered throngs of
people of all colors and creeds to root for the Cavaliers.

Last I checked, that’s not racist either.

Did LeBron have the right to go to Miami and get the hell
out of his hometown? Yes.

Look, I get it. At the age of 25, we all probably wanted to
be out on our own. Hell, most of us probably felt that pull earlier. I went off
to college, but was close to home and really never felt like I left. My first
job landed me several states away and it was that adventure and freedom that
helped thwart the feelings of anxiety and loneliness I had after moving. Sure I
missed things about being in Wisconsin, but it was a hell of a fun ride to be elsewhere,
doing my own thing.

That said, I didn’t torture the shit out of my loved ones by
stretching out the decision or calling them after I’d moved and leaving a “hey,
I’m not going to be back” message on their voicemail.

Being dicked around is not something most people deal well
with. Again, it’s like a Band Aid: Grab the corner, yank hard and get it over
with. We’ll get past the hurt a bit better that way.

There’s a reason torture
is slow and deliberate. It hurts more.

I watched Favre dick with the Packers every year until he
finally pulled the trigger on his first retirement. He later noted he felt
backed into a corner and that he just made the wrong decision. OK, fine, but
how does that justify fucking with the Jets and going to Minnesota? And now? He’s
fucking with Minnesota some more. They just seem to be dealing better with it
because they haven’t had to deal with it for five or six years the way Packer
fans did.

Was Dan Gilbert over the top? Yes, but dammit, it was
refreshing not to see the bullshit PR “we are disappointed but wish him well”
reaction that would have clearly cast Gilbert as the “better man” role in the
eyes of the approving media. However, it would have shown a falseness about the
man and his feelings. He was pissed. He had every right to be pissed. He said
it. Sure, it made some folks scoff, but he retained the loyalty of his team and
his team’s fans.

Think about this: After his letter, Commissioner David Stern dropped a hammer on Gilbert.He was fined $100K and he had Cavs fans
calling up asking if they could donate money to help him pay the fine
. This guy
has more money than 99 percent of the country and the folks in the
depression-belt known as Cleveland were asking to pony up because he had the
balls to say something that most other people wouldn’t.

Has Jesse Jackson got a point about race in this society,
especially as it pertains to sports? Yes and hell yes. If you have any doubt
about that, read Buzz Bissinger’s “Friday Night Lights” and see how the people
talk about Boobie Miles: he’s a hero when he can run and score, but if it
weren’t for that, he’d just be another dumb… well, use your imagination. And
when the kid blew out his knee, that’s exactly what happened. However, that
doesn’t mean every instance of someone being upset about the actions of a
person of color has roots in race.

Had he looked toward a certain tractor-riding,
Wrangler-hawking, flip-flopping hillbilly and the gentle folks who worship the
Frozen Tundra, he could have seen that easily.

12 thoughts on “Brett Favre: Runaway Slave

  1. Ridiculous.
    Brett Favre isn’t a hillbilly.Look. No hills in the Kiln at all.
    Yes, locals call it “The Kiln.” Don’t ask me why, as I have no idea.

  2. WTF are you guys talking about? Who are these people? (Okay, so I saw Brett Favre in There’s Something about Mary, apparently he plays football and is popular. But this other guy, what sport does he play?)
    Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss.

  3. On the night of The Douche-ison, I was saddened by a comment a friend made regarding the concurrent Oscar Grant decision: “Cops from multiple jurisdictions are swamping downtown Oakland now, because young Black men and inner city folk are pathologized. The nation hangs on LeBron James’ ESPN special to announce his next team, because young Black men and inner city folk are pathologized.”
    And that’s what Jesse Jackson should be on about. Not Gilbert’s laughable Comic Sans outrage. Jesse Jackson no longer speaks for black America; not sure if he ever did really.
    My only complaint about LeBron is that he took the Favre way out and has left a very divided fan base up here in northeastern Ohio. That’s it.

  4. Know what Favre and James have in common? They’re both overpaid jackholes who probably cry like brats when the wrong flavor of gatorade is in the locker room. Yawn.

  5. foo. favre just wants to play ball. yes. oer paid, but i’d rather they got the money than the owners. hell, in this analogy, all players are paid slaves.

  6. I don’t see what anyone is pissed off at Favre about in the first place. He wanted to play for the Packers and they kicked him to the curb, publicly and with derision. The Jets didn’t want him because he didn’t fit into the direction they were going. Fine, that’s the game. The Vikings are cool with it because he’s obviously coming back even though he’s having fun dicking the media over about it. He comes off smelling much better than Idiot Ted Thompson and his overpaid and inept flunkies. If Favre beats the Packers, well, they asked for it. Karma’s a bitch.

  7. Oh, and for the record: “Runaway Slavre” would have been a better headline by itself.
    That’s comedy gold right there.

  8. Jesus, Doc, you really don’t get it, do you? All your posts on race do is show how screwed up you are when it comes to race. To defend a son-of-a-bitch like the Cavs owner as “refreshing” is insane. What’s up with you, anyway? The Cavs won 66 games this year, no, LeBron won 66 games this year, since he had absolutely no one around him to help. If that dick Cavs owner was serious about a championship, don’t you think he should have put someone besides a 38 year old Shag around the best player in the league? As to your dissing of Favre, the Packers wanted to get rid of Favre & they did, but it wound up to be a huge mistake. I don’t hate Farve, I despise Ted Thompson & that moron coach MM. Doc, please reassess your position viz. race, people squashed by capitalism, & misplaced respect for dickheads.

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