2 thoughts on “Friday Night Music

  1. Um, I saw Rodney, Lyle and Willie at an Austin City Limits in 1994. It was amazing. (I got to sit on the second row!) Lyle was cute and funny (Rodney and Willie were teasing him about marrying Julia), Rodney had the songs and the voice and the s*SEXY*, and Willie…what can I say. He sounded like he had just gotten out of the van after alot of hits in the beginning…he just got better and better over the night. At the last, he was blowing off the back walls. I’ll never forget it.

  2. one of ACL’s best. I wish they would rerun more of the old in-the-round shows.
    It’s great to see Rodney look happy again. Seems like he has to go thru the wilderness every 5 years.

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