Traylor Trash?

Monroe News Star is reporting that Bitter Vitter’s Gooper foe, Chet
Traylor may have some zipper issues of his own. But, hey, at least he
doesn’t pay:

Rep. Noble Ellington, D-Winnsboro, said that Traylor was “significantly
involved” in the cause of his divorce from Peggy McDowell, who later
married Chet Traylor and became Peggy McDowell Traylor. <SNIP>

Traylor is also currently involved in a romantic
relationship with Denise Lively, the estranged wife of his stepson, Ryan
Ellington, the son of Noble Ellington.

3 thoughts on “Traylor Trash?

  1. …there are days when I simply despair at the simple, mundane nature of political intrigue out here in the upper left hand corner of the map in Orygun. Anybody saddled with the sorts of accusations these two are facing would have long ago slunk off to the inky shadows of state politics. What fun is that?

  2. The story is even funnier because Chet Traylor used to be a State Supreme Court Justice. We tend to think of them not zooming their family members or even zooming at all.

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