6 thoughts on “The Onion or Politico?

  1. I’m so over the illegal immigration crap. If they aren’t criminals, help them become citizens and thus taxpayers.
    I know that’s simplistic, but hell – it’s better than ‘demonizing’ them and spending the $$$ to ship ’em back all the time. I mean, the hourly cost of immigration officers and in AZ the extra time for the po-pos to chase the illegals down alone is prohibitive.
    Of course I would also ask that the whitebread uberwealthy Americans be knocked down a peg or two and (horrors) be assessed their actual tax burden. I mean, where are they going to go? Their tax-shelters? Nope, not enough room on the islands for them. And the Europeans wouldn’t tolerate their pompous asses for very long…so no long term stays there.
    And, take the ‘personhood’ bullsh*t away from corporations. If they stop donating to candidates and the uberwealthy get pissed at having to (clutch my pearls!) pay taxes and don’t donate to their “precious” candidates – well, then the craphead candidates can’t run the tables and the other more people-oriented candidates get some fair footing.
    That’s just my I’m-sure-misguided opinion, but there it is.

  2. I know the answer is stupid political slurs. But I don’t get it.
    Arizona (and especially Hayworth) says the country needs to reform immigration. Then their aid criticizes McCain for working on immigration reform.

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