In Which I Defend Andrew Breitbart

No, really.Because it’s Mitch Fucking Albom:

But Breitbart lit the fire. He blew on the flames. As Sherrod would later tell CNN, “He knew exactly what would happen.”

Breitbart is where this sad story begins, where the blame lies and
where the punishment should be doled out — if there were any you could
dole out.

Sadly, how do you punish a blogger like Breitbart? He
simply slithers back into the muck that some confuse with journalism.
Who does he have to answer to?



“I believe that I’m held to a higher standard,” Breitbart told
Politico. “If this video showed a picture of a caucasian talking in the
exact same way but talking about a black person with an audience
affirming and clapping that behavior, the reporter would be getting a
Pulitzer Prize right now.”

Response: 1) No, he wouldn’t. 2) Showing an edited video is not “reporting.” 3) You, Breitbart, are not held toany standard.

And that’s the problem.

This middlebrow schmaltz-merchant spends most of his column calling Breitbart an asshole, but these are the parts I’d like to focus on, because once again, it’s not about what Breitbart does or doesn’t do. This is America. He has the right to be as big a douchecanoe as he can possibly be. That’s on him, as will be the eventual lawsuit. You know what’s not on him? The decision to listen to his bullshit and take action based on it.

Let’s be clear about this: He didn’t put a gun to Tom Vilsack’s head and make him fire Shirley Sherrod. He didn’t put a gun to the heads of the assignment editors of the TV talking heads and make them jump all over the story like a bunch of teenage girls screaming about the quarterback’s abs. He didn’t do anything but what he and countless other conservative bloggers do every day, which is to peddle absolute horseshit and then whine when nobody kisses their asses for it.

So bitching that HE isn’t held to a standard is ridiculous. Better to hold the people to whom standards are supposedly their stock in trade to some. How do you punish a blogger like Breitbart, American media? Instead of taking away his Magical Internet Bullshitting License, you could just … ignore the next piece of bullshit he comes up with. You could just have those standards yourself, and not worry so much about what standards someone else has.



12 thoughts on “In Which I Defend Andrew Breitbart

  1. But, but… if we ignore them, they’ll say meeeaaan things about us! šŸ™
    – Big “Respectable” Media

  2. If I were really, really snarky I’d say that Breitbart should be punished the same way that mainstream media figures who knowingly peddle unsourced lies are punished. But somehow giving him a six-figure salary and inviting him on Meet the Press every other week seems pointless.

  3. I don’t know what the problem is. I mean, they ignored millions of people in the street protesting the war. It’s not like they don’t know how to ignore significant constituencies when the mood strikes.

  4. Blaming Breitbart for doing what he does is like blaming a three-card monte hustler for suckering the same rube every day 13 years in a row. See alsoThe Scorpion and the Frog.
    Breitbart’s a shitstain, but you’re right–he didn’t put his vomit on CNN. CNN did.

  5. CNN, like FauxNews, is in the entertainment industry. About as serious as Donald Duck. Vilsack is the Secretary of Agriculture, a member of Obama’s cabinet. Obama is the POTUS. Now, which are the ones who really fucked up this affair? And, assuming the obvious answer will be picked, why has there been no corrective action taken by Obama once a member of his cabinet demonstrates a total lack of qualifications to hold a cabinet post? The man can’t even stand up to someone who holds office at his pleasure, and we expect him to stand up to Republicans?

  6. A. your added comment about ignoring the war protesters really caps it off.
    Breitbart’s actions are transparently vile (I’m thinking both Sherrod and Acorn). While it may be harder for Acorn to sue for defamation/libel/etc., Sherrod is clearly an individual and I would think not high enough up the chain of command to become a public figure (and loose a lot of her protection against defamation). Not to mention that Breitbart is showing a definite pattern.
    At the same time, could something be done legally about the “news media” practicing a reckless disregard. They saw a report from Faux News and lifted it without checking the first fact. QED

  7. To be fair: CNN ferreted out the REAL story and aired the truth WAY before any other outlet did. So there’s that.
    But yes, the way to “punish” a blogger like Breitbart is to ignore him until he withers up and blows away.

  8. Mothra, I don’t know if CNN ferreted it out so much–the Spooners called them. That’s not really a credit to CNN’s skepticism and journalistic integrity.

  9. Expecting standards in the media is naive. I wish it wasn’t also naive to expect standards from this administration. How much longer are they going to ask “how high?” everytime some conservative gobsh*te shouts “Jump!”.

  10. Dumb Question:
    When the source came to light, how many TV news agencies issued a retraction / apology?

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